Calamity Incoming!

Miss Calamity

(aka an introduction)

So. Hi.

I’m Miss Calamity, and I am a cosplayer. Just, not a very practised one. Or frequent. But that’s all about to change, see, I’ve given myself a challenge of fixing one costume this summer, and sewing two more by midfall.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s ‘Oh shit’.

Wait, that’s what I’m thinking, you’re probably thinking ‘that’s stupid’, which I can’t really argue about. But a lot of crazy things happen when trying to build costumes, and after accidentally spray painting myself gold and then having the sewing machine attack me to put me out of it’s misery… I go to thinking.

The machines are sentient! I should write that shit down.

So here I am, writing shit down, and hopefully people will find this funny, or charming, or amusing in some small way.

Looking forward to our misadventures to come,

xoxo – Calamity