Demon Hunter Ottawa Comiccon

Demon Hunter Head Shot

The Idea

So I’ve only just been waiting a decade or longer for a little game called Diablo 3 to come out. Ottawa Comic con was happening just before the release date and I mean you can’t get more awesome than that for timing.

But what class to make? There’s the Wizard, the Monk, the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor and the Demon Hunter. My extremely objective decision making process went about like this:

“Sweet Jesus, are those dual cross bows? And I don’t have to get a wig? SOLD.”


Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter (c) Blizzard

I mean just look at that shit. That’s like, badass incarnate. I was so sold. This was going to be so awesome. I mean look at this:

Demon Hunter, by the Spiral Cats Team.

If I could come up with something half as awesome I’d be so excited and proud of myself. Hell yes I was pumped! I would be able to make the armour and weapons and be ready for the Comic Con which was only… 2 weeks away?

Oh. Crap. Time to get started.

Plan of Attack

Okay so I knew what character I wanted to play, and I knew I had a short time period to make the costume in. Time to figure out how to tackle this thing.

I pulled up some references to see if I could make a lower level Demon Hunter. One with a good mix of armour and clothing that I could alter from thrift stores.

Decision Making
I deliberate each decision carefully, as you can see. Image (c) Blizzard

So I figured I’d get some leggings and make the leggings of the second or first level, add the armour of the circled build, and because the most recognizable part of a Demon Hunter’s costume is the hood, I’d wear mine up. Once I made it.

The Process

Before we get too far, I’ve made a handful of costumes before, but they were all sewing heavy, and none had any armour components. Did you see those pictures up there? They have armour. Some have a lot of armour.

“Oh Crap” was starting to feel like an understatement.


The Hood was one of the small issues. I picked up a great scarf at Giant Tiger, but getting it to stand out like in the reference images was a pain. In the end I sewed craft felt to the inside to give it a bit of extra stiffness.


  • Scarf – $7
  • 8 pieces of felt – $8 total
  • Simple sewing of felt to scarf and scarf into hood
  • Sewing machine decides it’s had enough of my shit.
  • Needle snaps and smacks me in cheek.
  • No scar! Success!
  • Would have made for a very authentic Demon Hunter though.


Pants! Sharpie fumes and wine don’t mix by the way.


  • American Apparel Leggings – $35
  • Jumbo Sharpie – $2
  • Draw on pattern and make both sides match
  • Recover from fumes


Contacts look soooo coool! 

I’d always wanted some badass contacts and I figured these could be reusable down the line for other costumes, Goth nights, or photoshoots. I figured they were worth the investment.

DH Contacts


  • Put. In. The damn. Contacts.
  • Give up.
  • Photoshop pictures later
  • Practice putting in contacts for the next con, months away



  • Boots that I already own and have broken in! – $0
  • Put on shoes
  • pack flats for end of day


Oh lordie.

Demon Hunter Armor in progress
Between detail paint passes


  • Fun Foam, lots. – around $20
  • Golden Spray paint – $14
  • Corset – already owned.
  • Shirt cut into bra – $5
  • Design pattern for armour pieces
  • Use exacto knife to cut out pieces and details. Glue on details
  • Seal fun foam with white glue
  • Paint with gold spray paint
  • Scrub off gold paint that makes me look like a Twilight vampire
  • Put on gloves.
  • Smear on acrylic paint in burnt umber and red and brown into corners with your finger
  • Splatter with a mix of red paint and water to create bloodstains and paint on dents and scratches
  • Explain to family that you did not cut yourself and that, yes, that is paint
  • Feel accomplished that fake blood looks like real blood
  • Look up on the internets how to heat form foam
  • Use Hair dryer to heat-mould foam. Re heat and reform.
  • Panic about how to attach newly moulded armour pieces to body.
  • Sleep.
  • Find hockey tape.
  • Tape the shit out of everything, add straps to hold bits on.

The Costume

Full Costume
Full Costume, starting to sag around the hockey tape.
But people seemed to like it regardless.

(P.S., that’s with one of my awesome cosplay friends, MeltingMirror as Korra on my left.)

Demon Hunter Head Shot
Photoshop in place of contacts…

Lessons Learned

Ventilation is Key

Okay, let me preface this by saying I started off on the leggings design in my basement. Terrible idea. I didn’t think Sharpie fumes would be too bad, but extended periods of work gave me a really bad headache after, so I moved up to somewhere I could open a window.

Gloves are Awesome 

I have a bunch of latex gloves just sitting around from a couple projects back, so after the spray paint incident, I wore them for painting the remainder of the armour. It was great, because I could just use the same pair for the whole project, and then my hands were clean when I took breaks.

Hockey Tape is not Your Friend!

So you know how I was all “Hockey tape is amazing!” Yeah… no. No it’s not. It might be, if Conventions are not hot, sweaty things with lack of good air conditioning. My beloved hockey tape melted in the heat and humidity, and I was forced to strip off parts of my armour throughout the day.

At least I managed not to lose any pieces, so I can rebuild. Still, it meant in a lot of pictures I’m missing pieces of armour which I worked hard on.

Spare Shoes

I managed most of the day in heels, but they were well-broken in boots that I’d owned for years with nothing crazy going on. I’m not sure how some people totter around in platforms all day, but near the end of my Cosplay outing, I was ready to slip my feet into some sweet, sweet flipflops.

Which I did.

And it was awesome.


Next week I’ll be posting about upcoming costumes and how I’m going to fix my armour and upgrade it so it matches the reference material better.

I’ve been studying the game preeeetty closely.

When I’m allowed.

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