Jacket: Complete!

Front detail

Sorry for the delay. This is definitely not Thursday, but it is also not the following week! Progress!

A couple things got in the way this week: Nanowrimo and this:

Rib tattooThe mantra that got me through was “I do this to myself”.

So once I’d finished subjecting myself through massive amounts of pain, the itching started and that drove me crazy for a bit. But luckily for me, the jacket had been finished before that!

The Jacket

This was my first-ever time sewing a jacket. I’m pretty stoked that it turned out so well. Sure there’s some issues, some with the fit, with the fabric being a little wrinkly, but I think for a first effort it’s pretty damn good. No sewing machines tried to kill me this time either, which was also awesome.

First thing first though: Let me severely and profusely apologize for the quality of these photos. With that warning in place, let the ‘omgselfieeeessss’ photos commence.

Front detailLookit that shit. Buttons and Braid and everything.

I took a bit of artistic license on the necklace since it was hard to see exactly what it was in the drawing. So I took heavy gold chain and blue ribbon, along with skull beads from a dollar-store necklace and tied this together. I make jewelry on the side, and pulled out some of the feathers I use for that to add a bit of the native-american feel. I figure she jacked it from the Indian Princess.

Skull and feathered necklace

Remember how I said I fixed the back tails? I really fixed the back tails, unfortunately taking a picture of your ass without looking like a #YOLIdiot is really effin’ hard.

Back detailThe pixels and smear are driving my inner graphic designer nuts ;_;

The fabric is a little thin and prone to wrinkling while worn, but on the other hand it is really comfortable, and has some stretch to it so I can move around comfortably. The braid was sewn on with my machine and gold-coloured thread. It helped stiffen up some of the edges around my hips and the tail, which helps the jacket hold it’s shape. It frayed like a bitch though, so I had to hand sew the ends in by weaving the needle and thread in and out until I caught all the frayed edges.

Front side detail

I’m hoping to get some honest to goodness better pictures of the whole costume once I’m done, but until then, you’ll have to settle with my shitty camera phone that is mildly less shitty than my laptop’s webcam. In the meantime, enjoy some ‘blang that I picked up from the grocery store.

Cuff detail

xoxo Calamity

One thought on “Jacket: Complete!

  1. Whooaaaa, that is a rad tattoo, must’ve hurt like hell being right over your ribs!
    I can’t wait to see the finished product on this costume. Skulls and ribbons and bling, whee. 🙂 I love the idea of badass Wendy.