Stomp stomp stomp!

Aka: Wendy’s boots.

Sorry for the delay, I had half the post done and then Cat walked over my laptop and deleted everything. Thanks Cat…

So the boots!

Boots close up
Boots close up

Boots! So Wendy’s boots are all kinds of badass right? They’re the alligator that ate Hook’s hand and have a great texture of crocodile skin on them as well as teeth. Obviously I’m not about to go out and buy boots made from saltwater crocodiles (Jesus those things are huge and nasty) and let’s be honest actually making boots is way too difficult to bother with. So instead I went thrift-hunting instead of croc-hunting and found a pretty great pair for twenty bucks.

They even fit, hot shit right? Actually I have pretty average size feet despite being half amazonian, so I was just lucky.  The problem is they’re black and Wendy’s boots are that scaly green. So what to do but paint them?

original boots

First thing first though, make sure that the boots are clean. If they’ve got mud or anything wash them down. Next you’ll want to tape off the parts that you’ll keep black. So in this case it’s the zipper so that they don’t gunk up and the black rubber of the soles which I wanted to keep the original colour. I used a spray-on Gesso and only needed a single coat. Just a word to the wise though, wear gloves. If you do get the Gesso on your skin nail polish remover will take off most of it. I know this because of reasons.

No you cannot see a picture of my entirely white hand. Instead have a picture of a base coat on the boots:

primed and base coatSince the Primer is white, I ended up using three coats of the dark green. I used acrylic paint since acrylic works on almost anything and dries fast with no fumes. The picture above has two coats of paint, and you can see that there’s still some patch bits along the base. Those were fixed by the third coat.

Now comes the fun part: Croc skin!


In the reference photo the croc skin is pretty well defined but I went for more of a patchy look that would resemble her boots from a distance without taking hours and hours to paint. You can see that some primer did get on the black rubber, which I needed to fix before I could varnish these babies.

I tried using a black sharpie, but the ink had a purplish undertone that I didn’t like so much. So instead, I broke out the black acrylic paint to touch up any white spots. In the picture below you can see that most of the white is completely gone.

completeThe boots have been coated at this point with two coats of spray-on gloss varnish. The teeth are made from white felt that’s been hot glued on. I used a felt tip marker to add a bit of grey around the edges so that they don’t look so pristine. The tape’s all been peeled off and I checked to make sure that the zippers work (they do!) and I’ve re-laced the boots up.

The only thing left to do is to make the band of ‘leather’ with leaves and feathers and glue that down as well.

xoxo for now! 


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