Bang Bang, Baby

Hi folks, just a quick post today. I’ll be making another post later this week with an overview of what I’m planning and what Cons I’m hoping to hit up.

In the meantime, I’ve started working on the props for the next costume since Wendy is nearly done. You know how ages and ages ago I mentioned I was going to be making the Assassin’s creed 3 costume? Well, I am.


Pistol in Action

Is it wrong I’m mildly attracted to that character? It’s just that… anyhow. *ahem*

Nice Flintlock pistol right? If I’m going to do justice to Connor then I’ll need a flintlock of my own! I picked a toy one from Value Village (great thrift store) right before hallowe’en for 4 bucks, although the paint job left a lot to be desired. It was black with dry-brushed colour on. Not going to fly for my costume. Below is the reference picture for the in-game weapon, and I used it as a colour guide.

Pistol Reference

So I broke out the Gesso, (this time with gloves), primed that plastic sucker and then waited for the buzz to fade so I could get to painting. I know I’m supposed to use it in a ‘well ventilated area’, but it’s winter and I live in Canada. I was pretty sure the spray would freeze before it hit the plastic it was supposed to cover.

Stage 1

Base coats.

pistol stage 1About 5 000 of them. Actually, I did lose count after 5. The grey went on really well but the brown was all streaky and prone to sticking to the gloves I was wearing instead of the primer. That’s why you shouldn’t use paints as old as you are, kids!

Stage 2

Shine time.

pistol stage 2

So if we look at the reference pictures above, the flintlock pistol’s obviously not matte. The metal has a shine to it, so I broke out some silver paint (also nearly as old as I am) and painted  over the grey sections. It only really needed one coat, but I did go over all the indentations to make sure I had them covered. So it’s looking better, but still so… so new. And new generally looks F-A-K-E. I mean what Flintlock pistol would look new, there was black powder exploding inside of it, getting soot all over the place.

Stage 3

Time to get dirty. Props like being dirty.

pistol stage 3

Aww yeah. So, I’m sure there’s better ways of doing this, but my personal method is to take some burnt umber acrylic and while wearing gloves, I put it on my finger and rub it all over the parts that need to look older. Then I take a damp paper towel and wipe the dark paint off. It’ll leave behind smeary bits in the crevices like dirt actually got in there. In this case I did use a dry brush on the smaller bits where my finger just passed over. I did a couple passes at this stage, and wound up painting on the metal stock on like seen in the reference image. I did try to paint on the swirls, but ended up taking them off since the prop I’m using has less ‘wood’ to play with.

hehehe… sorry. 

Anyhow, once that was done I sprayed on the same varnish I used on my boots and am letting it dry. I’ll do another coat tomorrow, and then it’ll be done!

Extra Credit:

If I really wanted to go all out, I could have sanded down the seams and filled in the screw holes (hehehe) with putty. But, I didn’t really think of that until I had started out and didn’t feel like going back and doing another 5 000 base coats again after.

xoxo Calamity