Dat Hat – Connor WIP

So I’m in the middle of working away on Connor’s Greatcoat which is turning out to be a bitch and a half. I’ll be making a full overview once it’s done but here are some bite size nuggets of struggle:

  • White fabric frays like a bitch
  • Needles break if there’s more than 3 layers of the stuff
  • How do collars and those flap things and OH GOD the bottom flap things.
  • Old needles and that thick woven material = snap snap snap. Current count of downed soldiers = 4.

But you know what has gone well? The hood!

The hooooood

First things first, I did not have a pattern for the hood and have only ever made the ill-fated Demon Hunter hood, so I figured making a  muslin was the way to go. FYI a muslin is a prototype made with a cheap kind of fabric. Once you get the right shape, you snip out the stitches and use the fabric as the pattern.


The Connor Blue Steel. 

Anyhow, I measured my head and realised that since I’m half Amazon my head is freakin’ huge. As in ‘some wigs don’t fit’. Sigh. So the first version of the muslin fit my stand in Loretta, but not my head. Version two fit better.


Meet Loretta guys.

Next came the square with embroidery. I ended up being a major nerd and used the Pythagorean Theorem to determine how long each side was based on how wide it had to be. Maths! It works Bitches.

So I cut out the woven pieces out and stitched them up. The problem is that I don’t want to press flat the seams since the fabric is synthetic and I don’t want to melt it and get it shiny. So I pinned it down and top-stitched it down.

IMG_20121226_222902_zps881e4e0dThis had the added benefit of putting in that little ridge detail that is in Connor’s hood which you can see here:

hood ref

I know this post isn’t as funny as some of the other ones, but don’t worry the Greatcoat will have amusements in spades.