Con Chronicles: G-Anime 2013

Wendy Darling


GanimeGreat weekend at G-Anime despite some setbacks. Also I need to remember to take more photos. Seriously, I think I have like, two. Also I apparently kept sneaking into things accidentally: the convention centre through the back, the con itself before registering, the city hall job fair, masquerade backstage… okay that last one was on purpose but I was invited. I was. Really. Stop looking at my typeface like that!


Friday was a little like a mini-con. There were a couple of panels that I was really interested in checking out, but unfortunately I only made it to one. While I managed to slip out of work a bit early because I worked through lunch, I still had to get home, eat, feed and pay attention to Cat and then get changed and ready. I was still mostly on schedule, unfortunately…

I got lost in Gatineau. There are so many one way streets and I took only one or two wrong turns and then I was somehow going west instead of East and long story short: I was late and missed melting Mirror’s first Panel. Oops.

I did run into Kudrel though, and some other friendly faces that I saw at Ottawa Comic Con last year. Eventually I hunted down Melting Mirror, and managed to catch part of the panel on Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Derek Kunsken, Marie Bilodeau and Jay Odjick. Seeing as I’ve only met Derek out of costume, his reaction at Ramona’s bright pink wig was pretty amusing.

Left to right: myself, Dart:Dense Boy, Melting Mirror and Guy.
Left to right: myself, Dart:Dense Boy, Melting Mirror and Guy.

“Wow… uh…” I choose to interpret that ‘wow’ as immense awe and the ‘uh speechlessness at how much I looked like Ramona.

There were also two other Ramonas there, one with the blue wig and one with roller skates. I saw Roller-Skate Ramona going down the escalator on her ass later that night.

I stand by my choice to wear flat boots:

The Ramona Triangle
Photo by Melting Mirror


photo by Melting Mirror, concept by Tess Fowler

Saturday was the day that things didn’t quite work out. The day started out alright, but kept trying to fall apart. Luckily, my costume lasted pretty damn well, and the only damage was to one of the boots that lost its leather strap. I managed to pick it up though, so that’s a minor thing.

The not so great things:

Masquerade was full when I got to the registration table. Despite the website mentioning the registration table would be open Friday, it wasn’t. However, the actual masquerade was ‘mysteriously’ over the ‘limit’. Not terribly impressed with the organization of the registration part, but I’ve learned not to trust anyone, ever.

Cornerstone Grill: Just don’t bother ordering the steamed dumpling appetizer. After only snacking since lunch, I was pretty hungry and when the plate arrived it had a great big steamer on it, and I was so excited and so starving, only to pull the top off and see five quarter-sized dumplings. Even bigger let down than the masquerade. Le sigh.

I may have nearly gone through a red light in front of 5 cop cars on Rideau street. In my defense I was trying to avoid the perpendicularly-parked cruisers… and maybe see what they were there for. Stopped in time (barely) and everything is okay! Just had a minor heart attack  is all.

The Great stuff:

My costume was baller. Just sayin’. When Master level Cosplayers are surprised you’ve never competed before and say ‘too bad, you would have won something’ and mean it, it helps take away some of the ‘nnngh I’m so dumb I should have gone to the table at 8am’ sting.

As mentioned above, the costume held up really well and someone (Kudrel) actually recognized who I was. (THANK YOU KUDREL.)

I got to watch the masquerade and there were some really amazing moments, and I had a flash of ‘at least I’m not the chick that fell offstage in a Quad-suit’ clarity. She’s fine, don’t worry.
Getting to know new friends: Dart: Dense Boy, Guy, Mai Sheri, Tedevium, Kurumasha and finally meeting Melting Mirror’s boyfriend.

Caught Derek off guard again in Wendy’s costume. Only by that point I was exhausted and mumbling nonsense. Sorry Derek. I promise I’ll write more sci-fi once this post is done.

Not getting a ticket from one of those five cruisers.

Not getting lost on the way back to drop off the con crew to their hotel… in Gatineau.


Sunday was a bit of a wash on my part. I’ve got some health issues that sometimes backhand me and tell me to ‘go to sleep, bitch!’ and then I do. I slept about 12 hours before Melting Mirror’s text finally woke me up and then I played ‘try to get up but Cat is Velcro and cozy’ for another hour or two before I finally stumbled out of bed, got dressed in street clothes and headed over to the Con.

I mostly just hung around Melting Mirror and her boyfriend for Sunday, and went to her last panel, (unfortunately the only one I made it to. So, so sorry.) before grabbing supper and dropping people off at their respective bus stop or place.

All in all, it was a great weekend and today is definitely a struggle to get through work when all I want to do is finish my next costume. But I should probably do the dishes and laundry first…

Sigh. Mundanity.

xx Calamity