Con Chronicles: Anime North 2013

Wicked Wendy



First off: the banner LIES. I went as Ramona on Friday, but this was a last minute packing decision and so I didn’t bother with an update.

I’m sorry, I’ll never lie to you again, you lovely 10 people that read my blog. Never. *sniff*


Picked up Melting Mirror in the morning and drove for five hours. Arrived alive, and vaguely sleepy.  We then got cosplay-ready, and I helped her set up her table and later met up with MaiSheri, Kurumasha and others for supper. Supper ended up taking quite a while but they had margaritas and gluten-free burgers! Yay! I hadn’t had a burger in a year before then.

Afterwards I headed back to the room, and passed out while Melting Mirror was sewing away. Apparently, when she dropped her scissors near me (slept on the awesome floor), I snarled. Or something.

Also I was wearing summer-Ramona. Shorts. it was effin’ cold. Did not get any pictures. Sadly.


I had initially hoped to enter Apocalypse Wendy into the Masquerade, but thanks to the massive prizes being offered this year, the line to register entries was really really long on friday. I had planned to get up early and go register saturday, but instead of waking up at 7 like I usually do, I slept in until 9.

Whoops. So instead I got ‘breakfast’ with Guy and brought Mirror hers, (Tim’s why u no make gluten free things?!) and then went back to the hotel to get cosplayed up.

Wicked Wendy
Photo by Convoke at the Photo Alley booth.


I ditched the wig due to near gale force winds. I was willing to detangle my real hair, but a curly wig? Eff no. I have to say, Wendy’s one of my favourite costumes, not just because it was my first successful one, but that dress is uber comfy. Thick jersey, it was warm enough outside, and the jacket’s easy to take off when I’m inside.

Also, I really recommend Convoke. They knew what they were doing lighting-wise which is KEY. Seriously, take it from a former photoshop teacher: no amount of Photoshop magic will save a photo with bad lighting. NONE. Also, Convoke gives you a CD with all the shots for only 20$, AFTER you get to preview the pictures.

Colour me a happy Calamity.

Saturday only got better after scoring some Worbla that was marked down, and then bellinis and another gluten free burger at Milestones with Mirror. Suppers were a highlight this trip. Calamity can eat all the burgers!


Sunday, Funday. So, I got up on time, packed the car with almost everything (aside from Mirror’s jacket, belt and various other things I forgot. eep. Sorry lady.) Then got ready for my shoot with auclardleashed.

I am really, really stoked to get my hands on those photos. He does this kind of magic that makes me look awesome, and like we’re not in the back lot of some sketch building. Unfortunately, continuing my streak of ‘derp’ that day, I forgot to pay him, -_-. Cue awkward ‘omfgjc’ moment driving back that evening. /sigh.

The rest of sunday was a mix of stress and good. Grabbed lunch with an old friend from high school which was awesome, and ran into Kurumasha and Squeak at the En Route for supper. Sadly, rest stops do not carry much in the way of gluten/tomato/avocado free things.

The not so great things:

Being a derp in general. I have realised that having a checklist for EVERYTHING is pretty much the only way to go for me. Time to get Hyper-organised. *puts on sunglasses over her sunglasses*

The Great stuff:

Seeing new and old friends that I haven’t seen in far too long.

  • MaiSheri
  • Andy
  • Calabolg? (I dunno what handle you’re using any more)
  • Kurumasha
  • Melting Mirror, although I harass her most often in person
  • Thornrose (sorry about the lip, dude. That seriously looked painful, and you forgot me on your list of roomates. it’s cool, I’m not hurt *snifflecry*)

Meeting awesome new people:

  • Auclardleashed (who is seriously awesome and holy BALLS I can’t believe I forgot. I am so, sorry. Hurrah, paypal?)
  • Zacloudseth (is it Za-clouds-eth or Za-cloud-seth? I don’t know.)
  • Friend of MaiSheri’s who I got to talk to about B-horror films. EFF YES Crowsnest.
  • Awesome lovely people who came by the table and thought I made the stuff I was selling. I didn’t…
  • This Lady did: Empress Arcana

xx Calamity

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