June and July – WTF?

Wild elf

Remember that cluster of family emergencies? They all came to a head right around the middle of June, effectively shutting down production of costuming and writing for the month and eating up the first half of July too.

I still have Kureha on the go, but after a long break I decided to focus on one of the other costumes which happily went in line with a request from my friend Nick at Sacred Grounds Gaming for an original LARP game his company is designing.

So I called up some of my cosplay buddies and am in the middle of organizing a number of shoots for the different races and classes. Expect to see more soon, but here’s a quick peek at the costume.

Wild elf
Behold the wood elf, biatch. Photo by Vicerene Productions.

Based on Native American/First Nations aesthetic, the Wild elves are pretty crazy. I really liked the face paint, which was inspired by Iroquois war paint, only swapped out colours for greens and an earthy red.

Now, I’m cheap so seeing face paint pots in Michaels for 11$ didn’t sit well with me so I got pencil cream eyeshadows in three colours, which let me draw on pretty much any design, or use as regular makeup. Plus them’s Poison Ivy colours which will come in handy later.

ALSO! >The vest and skirts are going to be recycled into the Khaleesi costume I was talking about earlier, from the book. So two costumes, one stone! Awesome.

I also found a hella-awesome leather supply store, Zelikovitz Leathers & Crafts, where I got most of the supplies for the elf/Dany costume. The sheepskin was 33$, which gave me enough for the vest and skirts. The arm warmer things and legs I got from old jackets from Value Village, but unfortunately the white suede was shit and ripped before half the shoot was over. Le sigh.

Also I got the suede lace for a good price there as well. It’s become my favourite crafting store ever. So far.

Khaleesi (Book) – IN PROGRESS

Khaleesi Daenerys


  • Wig – 70%  Add braid, bells and adjust smaller braids
  • Vest- 90 % Final details and weathering
  • Skirts – 90% final details and weathering
  • Boots – 95% Weathering
  • Pants – 0% Buy leggings, weather

Planned Conventions

Now in choronological order…

  • Anime North 2013
  • Ottawa Comic Con 2013
  • Colossal Con 2013 Cancelled 🙁
  • Otakuthon 2013 CONFIRMED
  • World Con / Lonestar Con 2013 CONFIRMED
  • New York Comic Con 2013
  • Ganime 2014
  • Katsucon 2014
  • Ottawa Comic Con 2014
  • Costume Con 2014