Sweatin’ like a Sinner in Church

This is me right now 

Sweating gif

While it’d be super nice to have a bit of a break (I’m looking at you, Life, with your curve balls and shit), if I’m going to have Kureha done this summer, that’s just not going to happen. I’ve got all the materials for her, it’s just a matter of putting it all together.

I’m hoping that with some serious grumption I can knuckle down and finish her for Otakuthon which I’m totally going to so long as Life (that jerk I mentioned earlier) stops hitting me with stuff.


Ze plan




Sleeves Yellow Draft
Cut, sew
Tint edges (optional)
Skirt Black Skirt Draft
Cut, hem
Pleat, press, top stitch, add pocket holes
add waistband and hook
White petticoat Draft
Cut, hem
Add lace trim
add waistband and hook
Top Main top Draft, muslin
Cut, sew yellow 
Paint flower/applique with velvet
Add black and white border
Flap Draft, cut, sew
top stictch
attach to skirt via hook and eyes
Obi Draft, cut, sew
Add velcro to attach at front (hide behind bow)
Bow Draft, cut, sew. Include stiffer fabric to hold shape
Tie into bow, stich down into place
Attach to obi (stitch into place)
Boots Covers Cut, sew
Black straps, combine
Add grips to the bottom
Accessories Headband Cover with white velvet
Cut, sew and tie bow
Stitch into place, glue into place
Collar Draft, cut yellow
Attach to black
button and button hole