Holy Corsets, Cat lady – WIP Kureha

Cat and Corset

The Costume

So I was planning to get this costume done back in June for Colossal Con. Now that it’s August, I’m making a push to try to get it finished for Otakuthon which is in a week.

I got this.


For the top, since I’m not a naturally busty lady, I was a bit worried about the fabric just falling away. Especially since I’m using a knit. So I picked up this pattern to make a corset base from. 

Simplicity 2067

Now there are many things I’m willing to experiment on. Both the skirts for Kureha, boot covers, and… well most of this costume is or will be made without a pattern or a custom one. But that shirt… I wanted to be sure it wasn’t going anywhere.  And while I’m a hell of a lot better at sewing than I was this time last year, a corset is something I’ve never made before.

However there were problems with this pattern:

Problem 1
I am a tall lady. I’m not all leg like some people *koff*Dex*koff*, which means my torso is also tall. This corset comes in larger sizes, but the sizes grow sideways, not up. This corset was too short for my delicate sensibilities.

Solution 1 
I ended up making a muslin of the proper pattern, and then measured halfway between each piece, cutting along the line. Then I cut out new pieces of a muslin with an inch added to the waist. Normally patterns come with marks for a waistline to do this, but a corset is a finicky thing, and the waist gets all waveylike. But the new muslin fit much better.

Problem 2
This is a pattern that is made for people more curves than I’ll ever have. I think the only seam I didn’t adjust was the back two

Solution 2
Fit it, yo! But seriously, all costumes I do involve fitting to adjust the pattern to my body type. I’ve heard there exist people that dont’ have to do this, but I believe it’s a myth.

Problem 3
Boning. *gigglegiggle* Sorry. I’m an adult, I promise. But really, boning is expensive, and I’m saving my hard earned monies for a show-stopper costume. I didn’t want to go ahead and pay god knows how much for steel boning *gigglesnerk* when I could look for a cheap alternative.

Solution 3
Industrial Zip Ties

These things. Lucky for me I live near a hardware store and got a pack of 10 for 5$. Here’s a tutorial I found that tells you how to use them.

Awh Yiss

Cat and Corset

Because we sit on the things that Mom is proud of when she wants to take progress photos.


  • Wig – 100%
  • petticoat – 100 %
  • Boots – 90 %
  • Pleated skirt – 5% (did math wrong, need to re-do)
  • Hairband – 50%
  • Shirt – 40%
  • Collar – 5%
  • Sleeves – 5%
  • Obi – 5%