Con Chronicles: Otakuthon 2013

Persian Cat

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Every time I go to Montreal, I fall a little more in love with the city. Otakuthon was no different, and come Sunday I found myself wishing that I had just a couple more days there to see friends I didn’t have time to this weekend, explore Old Montreal and enjoy the amazing food.  It didn’t hurt either that I managed two and a half photoshoots with awesomely talented photographers, debuted my Dany cosplay and met a whole whack of more awesome people.

Admiral Snackbar

But that’s not to say that the weekend went off witout a hitch…


Taking a day off work, Melting Mirror, Isabelle and I left around 9 am to drive down to Montreal. Compared to some of the longer hauls to Ad Astra and Anime North this year, the drive flew by. We arrived, dropped off our stuff at the hotel and grabbed some Dim Sum before going in to pick up our badges.

It was a good start, even if I was a little grumbly about not finishing the Kureha costume to where I was happy with it. Things started going off the rails a bit when we arrived at Melting Mirror’s Artist table to set up.  Or rather when she did, since I was waiting to let our last roommates into the hotel. Mirror had left some of her new stock at home, and the theme of forgetting things would be repeated across the weekend.

Awesomely, though, I managed to sneak into an opening in Eleventh Photograph‘s schedule for a Dany photoshoot, sharing time with Andy. Although we started late, I’m really excited to see the photos from it.

Thanks Mike.
There was also this awesome cosplay that I tried to take a picture of… Thanks Mike.

After that I went back to the room and changed into street clothes before we went out to eat in Old Montreal. Though finding something Calamity-friendly took some doing.

“Oh hey what about this place?”

“Sorry, they only have pizza and pasta.”

“Oh. What about that one? it’s got salads? Oh, wait. It’s closed.”

“Ooh… This place has crepes and other things! And it’s closed…”

We did end up finding an amazing Italian-y place though where I had sweet potato soup, sangria and the best Mussels I’ve had since Scotland. Yum! <3


Java U had a cafe right next to our hotel, which was awesome. There was very little lines which made getting breakfast easy. Mirror and I got up early (by con standards, late for work week standards) and enjoyed a mostly leisurely breakfast of tasty croissants (her) and yummy melon (moi).

I debated entering the masq, but after talking to her about the stiff competition Otakuthon normally presents, I decided to enjoy a free evening instead of being cooped up in a green room for four hours. I’m pretty happy with my decision.

Wendy Darling in Montreal

I wandered around for a while as Wendy, and scored a shoot with Dmitri from Art Fashion Studio, which I was really stoked about. He’s like, really damn good at photography and working with him was amazing. If you click on his link, you’ll see why I was pretty much over the Moon about it.

I also hung out with Iridescent_Fall and got to know her more while we waited for people to be free for dinner, and enjoyed some damn good bubble tea. I was pretty tired though, which was compounded when I forgot (see? forgetting things) to order Ramen with rice noodles instead of wheat. Halfway through I realised why the ramen was extra tasty and grumbled about my forgetfulness. Was it worth it?

Nope. I headed back to the room after, and pretty much passed out before 11.

Oh hey there was the famous Otakuthon Dance, what happened with that?

 How the Dance just didn’t happen:

I looked at the time and actually burst out laughing. “Until 5:30 am? Fuck that! I’mma sleep!” and so I did.

And it was Awesome.


Due to the unfortunate Gluten incident, I pretty much looked like this on Sunday morning:

Persian Cat

Between having a puffy face, and an unfinished costume, I decided to scrap it and go plain clothes. Things were running a bit more slowly Sunday, so I took the opportunity to wander through Chinatown and enjoy some Dragon Beard candy and bubble tea while poking through the shops. I had been really good about not buying things, but I caved and picked up a Jade bracelet and cinnabar owl cell phone charm. It’s pretty cute.

Melting Mirror
Workin’ at the Table with MeltingMirror. Swanky Glasses, lady! (I forgot mine at home. Yeah blurry photos!)

After that, I helped out with Mirror’s table, and tearing it down once the dealer’s room closed. I think, looking over my financial breakdown, that it’s high time I try to sell some of my stuff as well to make back some money. Breaking even for con trips would be a huge help.

We decided to grab supper again before heading out, and went back to the Ramen place. This time I was sure to get rice noodles, and it was a perfect way to wind down the weekend.

Awesome people I met:

xx Calamity