Con Chronicles: NYCC 2013

Swatch the Dog at Mood



Oh man.

First off let me say that I’m sorry I didn’t get around to writing this until now. I wanted some space (something that’s not really available in NYC) to gather thoughts before I put it out into the intertubes.

Without fail, everyone I talked to before going to NYC said I’d love it.

I didn’t. I really didn’t. Not for lack of trying, or for the awesome people I spent the weekend with. (Sorry I was such a grouch).


Things got off to a bit of a rough start, Melting Mirror, and I left got up bright and early so we’d be able to get through security and everything on time. But when we landed in Montreal, (our layover) we found out the second flight had been cancelled. Not delayed. Cancelled. Luckily, it seems like Air Canada scheduled a flight just to replace it, so we were only delayed by about an hour or two. Still, we missed out on time that we wanted to spend fabric shopping.

Also, I had THE WORST Nachos ever. EVER! The waitress first tried to tell me I didn’t want them and wanted something else, which I pointed out I couldn’t eat due to allergies (yay!) then when it arrived I’m pretty sure it had canned chicken on it.

The service was pretty bad too, no water, no share plates, despite asking. So I tried to leave with as little a tip as I could, the waitress chased after me, telling me that I ‘had’ to leave 8%.

If our gate wasn’t in sightline of the restaurant booth, I’d have just walked away.

We did get to NYC eventually, and caught a cab (took a long way around, ended up paying twice what we should have) and hit the pavement for fabric.

Fabric shopping was easily the highlight of the trip. There were so many stores just for spandex, or for sequins, or burlesque trinkets, it was really easy to get overwhelmed. Thankfully I had Mirror and a list in hand to keep me on track. Mostly. I did splurge on some fabric for a new costume that i knew I’d never find up here. Stretch… so much streeeetch.


Since we’d lost a couple hours due to the flight cancellation, Mirror and I got up, had breakfast and went straight back to the stores, making a special stop at MOOD fabrics. Which is just all kinds of awesome and the staff there were great. I also caught a glimpse of their mascot, Swatch.

Swatch the Dog at Mood
Photo (c) to MOOD Fabrics

After a last bit of shopping, Mirror and I grabbed food (which I have to say, the food was another thing that was great about NYC. Gluten free options and TASTY ones.) Then I got ready for my shoot with EleventhPhotograph.

We ended up walking to the Con each day, which I kind of appreciated. The traffic was the worst i’ve seen, including London, and the less time spent in a car, the better. Though this did mean dodging suspiciously-human-sized turds on the sidewalk.

Normally Mirror’s the one in costume and I’m in plain clothes, it felt a bit weird to be the other way around for once. After the shoot, we slipped into the con to look around, got hit on (smoothly, but still,) and lingered until people started packing up for the day.

Then Alex (fell gluten free eater) brought us to a place called the Bare Burger. It was amazing. I had a gluten free elk burger, and while they put bbq sauce on it by accident, (yay allergies) they made me a fresh burger and gave me free fries to hold me over until it was ready. I tried to find it Sunday, but no luck, sadly.

Then there was much sleep.


So, Saturday.

Saturday was not my best day. After getting up and getting food, Mirror got ready in her costume, and I struggled with my boots, decided they were too small for my feet, and went plain clothes with a punisher tee.

Saturday was… crowded. Like, zombie-shuffle instead of full steps because there’s no room kind of shuffle. (side note: you can tell I’m tired because I just wrote ‘room’ as ‘rume’) Mirror entered the Marvel Costume contest and won (yay!) while I putted about and eventually hid in a corner to stop bumping into people.

I headed back to the room after that for some much needed downtime to de-stress and write.  I can deal with busy areas and lots of people, but NYC is busy everywhere, so there’s no break. It was a bit much for me, but I felt much better after the totally-not-a-nap downtime.

For supper we went to a Thai place that was just… oh my god. Oh my god. So good. I mean, they gave Mirror an orchid on her pad thai. I ate way too much, and went back Sunday for lunch/supper. But seriously, so good. If you’re near 73rd and 7th, go to Qi. It’s super fancy looking, but surprisingly reasonable.


After Saturday’s experience, I decided to forgo the Con and wander the city.

Iridescent_Fall, Alex, Mirror and I went to a japanese book store before splintering off: Iridescent and Mirror to the con, Alex to wander the city via subway, and myself to wander by foot. Alex was smarter.

I ended up walking around, looking for a cafe to sit down in and work on my writing. Every Starbucks I found (the only kind of coffee shop I could find) had no seating aside from the window-bar which was crowded with long-termers.

Eventually I went back to the hotel and tried not to fall asleep in the lobby with other bored-looking tourists and read the book I’d picked up from the store earlier that morning.

The taxi back to the airport confirmed our suspicions about the trip on Thursday: half the price, 1/3 of the time. Yeah, awesome. Although our flight was delayed, we made up time in the air, I’m sure it took under an hour before the Pilot said we were home.

You know what’s awesome? I haven’t heard a car honk since!

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