Contober – K.O.


*falls onto face with a groan*

With the end of Geek Market, Contober’s complete. 3 Con/Con-like events in three weeks. Sweet Jesus Murphy I’m tired.


Geek Market Recap

Oh my god, so not worth it for me. I really wish the Charities the best, and hope that it was a worthwhile fundraiser for them. Kudrel, Mirror and I ended up doing two turns at the green screen photo booth to raise money, with Sunday being more successful.


I won’t be back next year

Due to miscommunication, double standards, and chain-headaches in arranging everything, it’s just not worth it. Especially after setting aside writing and other events to do this.

Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m blacklisted anyhow. Somehow asking why I was the only cosplay guest to be charged for the table (out of 6 who were also all selling items, two of which where NOT volunteering) seems to warrant being told “[I] can hate” the organizer if I want.

Hate? No. Disgruntled? Very. I never made it personal, I just wanted to be on equal footing with everyone else. Apparently the other jewelry vendors ‘flipped out’ when they heard another jewelry maker was coming in.

OH HEY, HOW DID THEY HEAR THAT? So apparently the ‘curation process’ is curated by other vendors. Now you know.

So! I won’t be back, even as a customer, but I do wish the event well. It’s a great idea, but there’s some big obstacles in the way of it becoming truly successful:

  • No ATMs in the show floor. No signs to the nearest ATM
  • Paid parking + Paid Entry
  • Announcing there will be discounts on Sunday, before Saturday has even happened
  •  handing out coupons but not warning the vendors more than an hour in advance.
  • Lack of Attendance
    • The estimation was to have 5 000 attendees, the generous estimate of what we had was maybe half that.
  • Poor communication.
    • The contract we signed offered us two 10 x 10 booths.
    • Then we were told we would have an end artist table, with 2 4ft tables and 2 8ft tables
    • then I had to pay 50$ for said artist table and change what I was selling. (no one else did. Sub point: questionable curation process?)
    • When we arrived there were 2 6ft tables. We had to ask for the extra two 4ft tables and then for enough chairs.
    • Receiving angry phone calls for packing up early Saturday, and being told that it was in our contract (The one that promised two booths for free) that we couldn’t. It wasn’t.
    • No offer for the money spent on the table when I brought up the double-standard issue. Instead, I was told that it was Mirror’s fault and I could hate the organizer or accept the apology. There wasn’t actually an apology, and I was there for one of the phone conversations Mirror had with the organizer and was forwarded the emails discussing the issues. It wasn’t Mirror’s fault.

I hope the other vendors had a better experience, because the idea is worthwhile and the charities can really use the extra funding. You can find links to them below.

Distress Centre: Crisis response and support, as well as training to help people get back on their feet.

Jer’s Vision: an initiative to eliminate transphobia, homophobia and encourage diversity in youth.

Kid’s Help Phone: Sometimes kids and teens need someone to talk to. This gives them someone safe who wont’ judge them. Think of the kids.

Also, please, PLEASE check out the charity below. It’s near and dear to my heart and often falls into the shadow of it’s bigger, Pinker, cousin.

Ovarian Cancer Canada

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