Heroes of Cosplay invading Pop Expo

Ottawa Pop Expo

Ottawa Pop Expo

Earnst and Young Centre

Dec 7-8

HEY GUYS. Miss me? I know you didn’t but I missed you dearest imaginary friends.

I’d written this post at lunch today before the announcement was made on facebook that HEROES OF COSPLAY IS COMING.


I thought things were getting fishy when there were sequential announcements of some famous Cosplayers coming as guests. And when i mean famous I mean legit internet famous.

You probably recognize these faces:

Nigri, Monika Lee, Yaya

Holy balls right? Like, I got Monika Lee coming, she was at Montreal CC, but Nigri AND Yaya? Hmmm. Then Pop Expo announced it tonight.

Def going to feel like a mega-amazon this con. Especially if I wear heels. What’s that tiny cosplay ladies? I can’t hear you because I’m over 6′ tall! bwahahaha! *Stomps around like a badass Kaiju Danaerys.

Khaleesi shot 2

Rawr I will stomp on everything you love!

(Perhaps, on second thought, flats would be best)

I guess, in a way, it’s a good thing I’ll be sharing a table with the ever lovely Melting Mirror. This way I wasn’t planning on competing and won’t have to deal with he reputedly questionable back-stage goings-on, or feel fat and giant around professional itty bitty people. Instead, I get to sell awesome things and make funny faces at my booth-neighbours.

I’ll update with the location and some sneak peeks of what we’ll have to sell. Both of us are looking forward to a fresh start after the Geek Market mishap.

I’ll also be posting some progress shots of my super secret costume that no one but the other Capital Cosplay girls know about. Kurumasha, Dex Morgan, Mirror and Isa… pretty much everyone that’s likely to look at this blog actually.

Well. Unless I make it on TV.

What are your thoughts on Heroes of Cosplay? Would you compete anyways?

Wishing you lot the best,
xox Calamity