Pop Expo – F*** Yeah!


December 7-8, Ernst and Young Centre

Hey dudes and ladies, Pop Expo snuck up way fast, and now I’ve got about 10 days to 1) finish my secret costume and B) finish producing all my stock for the table.

Speaking of, where can you find Melting Mirror and I?

Pop Expo Floor map

Right here! Booth 2208, near the entrance and right across from the wrestling ring. I am debating selling earplugs.

What will I be selling? Ch-ch-check it out! (also so sorry for potato, my phone is nearing the end of it’s ‘give a fuck’ stage of life, and randomly does odd things.)

Geek Ties


Geek Greeting Cards: Tardis, Catbug, Poketree

Geek Greeting Cards!



That’s right. Read about the internet’s favourite idiot wolf.

I’ll also be selling stuff from my jewelry line, Valkyrie Gear which is a steamy-punky kinda look. Also, The Fez-inator will be there among other fun geek-fascinators.

So yeah. Stop by, say Hi, and let me know how the Heroes of Cosplay Dramas are going!

See you all soon,
xox Calamity

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