Canadian Recognition

Heads up! Pop Expo’s in two days. TWO DAYS. WAUGH. So much still to do. But I thought about talking a bit about recognition in the cosplay community.

Ottawa Pop Expo

Now, this isn’t a post about Heroes of Cosplay, but it was prompted by my research into the show, both how it’s cut together, and how it portrays cosplayers. (Add that to the ‘How not to look like a Bitch’ post: Do your Research.)

Here’s the thing that got me thinking. Heroes of Cosplay is about to run full-tilt into the International Costumers Guild (ICG) Guidelines. Which means most of them will be competing against Master level cosplayers rather than us small fry. Typically in Canadian competition, anyone that earns 50% or more of their income from costuming or any kind is a ‘Master’. It’s going to be interesting to watch, (though I’ll be manning my table, so I won’t really be watching until the episode airs), especially since I’m hoping our local Masters go head to head with the ‘Heroes’.

But that’s what got me thinking. Of the Cosplay Guests at Pop Expo, the only Canadian is Ridd1e, who was just announced today. Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri and Monika Lee are all American. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see some fo the top cosplayers and hopefully get to chat with them off-camera, but where are all my Canuk homies at?

Sure, I get that they’re plugging HoC, and the ‘famous faces’ that come with it, but  it’s not like we don’t have our fair share of Expert Cosplayers. Melting Mirror’s one of the Masq judges this year, but she’s not featured anywhere on the site. In fact, she’s been a judge for Ottawa Comic Con since it started two years ago, and her Korra is pretty darn famous.

Like Mirror, Kudrel is a relatively well-known Master-level cosplayer who routinely pops up on photo lists for her take on the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke.

Kudrel Cosplay

And those are just the two in Ottawa. It’s hard to get more local than that.

So, in the interest of promoting fellow Canadian Cosplayers, I’m compiling a list below of people that I believe deserve more recognition. I’m not talking facebook likes, but con-guest-ships, panels and general ‘hey you’re awesome’ kind of stuff.

If you have any suggestions, just let me know in the comments <3