To 2014 And Beyond!

Hey all, hope everyone had a great NYE, full of revelry and fun. I ended up going over to my friend Kurumasha’s to cut out muslins and watch Ironman 3. It was pretty awesome, and her cats are HUGE. Seriously, they could eat mine.

But I thought I’d do a little planning/retrospective post for the new year. I’m not big on resolutions, but I am big on planning.

2013 Break downs


Red/Ruby (Once Upon a Time)

Red Riding hood cape swirl

Pop Expo 2013G-Anime 2014 (planned) Fabric
Shell = $78 (7m)
Lining $42 (7m)
Interlining $28 (7m)Accessories
$55 (Red gloves, white shirt)


Cloak – Simplicity 5794

First time: Making a Cloak and hood that fits.

Issues: That beautiful red burn velvet is a 4-way stretch. It was a pain in the butt not just to sew, but also to stabilize. I ended up using flannel since it gripped a bit better and was warm. I also put the arm slits in the wrong seam and had to take them out before wear

Beetlebabe (Beetlejuice)


NYCC 2013Geek Market 2013 Wig 
Arda $30Fabric
Ponte= $110 (5m)
Lining FREE
Interlining $20 (5m)Accessories
$20 (tie, earrings)Total

Pattern(s): Burda Style Pantsuit – B7286

First time: Making a suit and first time making a pair of pants.

Issues: The Ponte stretched, and it stretched DOWN the stripe, not across. Ended up interlining with a white cotton to stabilize. 

Khaleesi Danaerys (Clash of Kings)


Forest Photoshoot for Sacred GroundsOtakuthon 2013Pop Expo 2013 Wig 
base $35
wefts $9
clip $15Fabric
Sheep skin $33 lacing $19 (full roll)
Leather dye $20 (2 bottles)

$30 (leggings, boots, beads)Total

Pattern(s): nope!First time: working in leather for a long time and first time dyeing it.Issues: the original sheepskin was SUPER yellow (see pic here). 

Wizard – Promotional Armor (Diablo III)

Ottawa Comic Con 2013Anime North 2013 Wig 
base $35
clip $15Fabric
I didn’t keep accurate track of this one 🙁

$30 (leggings, boots, beads)


Jacket: Simplicity 3628 (now out of print!)First time: doing armor that didn’t melt, complext shapes with the white detail on the skirt and first time for applique (no stabilizer)

Issues: The belt really liked to migrate, and the crown cracked on the way back from AN13. 

The Captain (Tess Fowler’s Apocalypse Princesses)

G-Anime 2013Anime North 2013

Otakuthon 2013

base $35
I didn’t keep accurate but most was $3/m 

$80 (tights, boots, beads, bear, earrings necklace, hat)


Jacket: Simplicity 3628 (now out of print!)
Dress: Simplicity 1801First time: Doing a full-on costume! First time doing a jacket, let alone a LINED one

Issues: This is one of my favourites, it’s so comfy. The downside is not many people know who I am in it XD also the boots are just a shade too small and the paint’s flaking 🙁 


* denotes travel, lodgings etc

G-Anime – Gatineau, Canada
Ottawa Comic Con –  Ottawa, Canada
Anime North – Toronto, Canada*
Otakuthon – Montreal, Canada*
New York Comic Con – NY, NY*
Geek Market (Fall) – Ottawa, Canada
Pop Expo – Ottawa, Canada

2014 Plans


Weiss Schnee (RWBY)

Weiss Schnee

G-Anime 2014
Anime North 2014
Dragon*Con 2014
Bolero – Simplicity 1819Dress – Simplicity 4070

Petticoat Tutorial –
Rufflebutt Cosplay’s  tutorial

First time: OH MY GOD THAT PETTICOAT /dies. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to alter the skirt of the dress to be closer to a true circle skirt. Also slightly terrified of dyeing the dress.


Secret Goat (Issa Secret)


Costume Con – 32 2014 N/A 

First time: All the things. Will explain more closer to the deadline.


Poison Ivy (Original Design)

Poison Ivy

Costume Con – 32 2014Pop Expo 2014  Skirt –
McCalls M6770




Poison Ivy v 2 (Original Design)

Poison Ivy

Ottawa Comic Con 2014
Dragon*Con 2014

It’s too soon to know what, but probably ‘piping’.



Kureha Touka (Shining Wind)

Kureha touka

Anime North 2014Colossal Con 2014  n/a

Issues: This one’s almost done, but I need to re-do the sleeves and finish her boots and shirt. Oh and remake the Obi because the bow is currently made of sadness.


* denotes travel, lodgings etc

G-Anime – Gatineau, Canada
Ad Astra – Markham, Canada*
Costume Con 32 – Toronto, Canada*
Ottawa Comic Con –  Ottawa, Canada
Anime North – Toronto, Canada*
Otakuthon – Montreal, Canada*
Dragon*Con – Atlanta, Georgia*
Pop Expo – Ottawa, Canada