On the Interwebs

Super quick update, check out who was on Travels of the Crocheted Tardis‘s page yesterday:

Red with the Crochet Tardis
Picture taken by the lovely lady behind the Travels of the Crochet Tardis.

Quick guys! no one tell her I’ve never seen an episode of Dr Who! What? this is public?


In all honesty though, that tardis is cute as a bug and twice as cozy. If I had a tardis, I’d want it to be snuggly like this one.

*browses through the travels of the Crochet Tardis* And it looks like Crochet Tardis has been stalking me [Alice Black] at Can-Con this year too! Or not me, but the famous writers. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it on the upcoming con-circuit 🙂

xox Calamity