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EDIT: I decided to make CanCosplay it’s own website! Go check it out at CanCosplay.com 🙂

Hey folks, I’ve announced it (kinda) on facebook, but I’m compiling a list of active canadian cosplayers on my Canadian Cosplay page site CanCosplay.com, and I’ll be posting updates to it each Sunday evening with a Monday post about who’s new or who’s been updated.


Well, after the whole Pop Expo and Heroes of Cosplay thing, I got to thinking about how often a cosplay Guest is American at our lovely cons. Where are my Canadians at?

It’s not that we’re not good enough, Detailed-Illusion proved that we totally are when beat out the Heroes for Best in Show at Pop Expo. So, it’s obviously a matter of exposure, so this is me doing what I can with my little blog to help develop that exposure to established cosplayers and those who are up and coming.

This brings me to the LIST. *oooOoo* Right now there’s just one section, but as I get more cosplayers added, I’ll be separating it into region-based chunks.

Fellow Canadian Cosplayers

Cool! How do I get on there?

The criteria’s pretty simple:

  • You have to be Canadian. You also have to be in Canada. Sorry Ex-pats, maybe after this gets rolling I’ll add in a ‘Where in the world’ area.
  • You have to be active. This means at least one costume/update per year. Each January I’ll sweet through the list and remove dormant pages. Also, I’m more likely to add someone to the list if they have more than one costume.
  • You have to be the cosplayer/photographer/organizer of the page/website/event 

To send in your information, check out the guidelines at CanCosplay’s Join! page.

Hope to see you all soon, G-Anime’s only in a monththreeTWO WEEKS. Shit, I better get going.

xox Calamity