Tidbit Tuesday

Hey all, just a super quick update before I get lunch.

Cancosplay.com is now LIVE! (OH SHI-)


I updated last night with the latest requests to join, since Sunday evening I was dealing with a nasty bout of food poisoning.

This week’s goals

Weiss Schnee turnaround gif

Click the gif for a larger image

  • Finish Weiss’s dress shell, and spray paint that mofo
  • Draft her boot covers, cut em out and spray them too
  • Jacket three!
  • Learn how to put in contacts. >.o
  • add zipper and lace to the dress
  • Make the belt and satchel combo thing.
  • Beat Sergei the serger back into submission

*flops* SO MANY THINGS. But first, food, running on fumes.

xox Calamity

ps: don’t order the mussels