Weiss Wednesday

aka:’ Oh Jegus I thought I Was On Schedule’.

Weiss Schnee

Shit left to do before Saturday:


  • Dat colla will involve interfacing, box pleats and horse hair braid.
  • sleeves:
    • Finish cutting lining
    • paint detail on the sleeves
    • combine lining and sleeve into tube
    • Attach to bolero
  • Vest:
    • stencil back
    • attach collar and lining and sleeves
    • add buttons
    • embellish


  • Finish dying the dress (ran out of dye OH GOD)
  • add zipper, hem and add lace to the dress
  • Add the black thing, combine lining, interlining
  • Attach the belt
  • embellish with sparklies (likely late into friday night)


  • Learn how to put in contacts. >.o
  • Beat Sergei the serger back into submission again
  • Finish her pouch, add snap and loops to hook onto belt
  • Dye boot covers, line, install zipper, combine with shoe, detailing
  • Curl wig ponytail
  • fix bun
  • Make clip
  • makeup test
  • paint nails SNOW