Motivation and Time

They’re kind of inversely proportional right? It can’t just be me who’s sitting at work, sifting through bugs and wishing I could be bedazzling Weiss’s dress. (Did I mention Rhinestones? Because aw yiss, mothafuckin’ rhinestones.) Or, when I do have time to work, I have to catch up on sleep or am just too tired to do a good job.


Protip: If you’re too tired to realise you’ve burnt yourself on your kettle, don’t craft. Sorting that mess out in a day or two isn’t worth the time lost.

February was kind of like that. I had time at the start, but I was mentally not there. Family health issues kept my mind concerned even though it wasn’t much I could do (everyone’s okay now, yay!) and when I was more focused, there was technical issues.

As in Sergei (my old serger) decided to use some choice Russian words and then stop working. Spectacularly. Right before G-Anime. I tried to fix him for a couple weeks before giving up and ordering a new serger. Named Romanoff.

Black Widow
(c) to Marvel Comics

Of no relation.

Thing was, with Weiss I’d literally run out of things that I could do without a serger. I mean, I did french-seam some things, but after you french seam sleeves in… upside down… that technique loses it’s appeal. Then you throw the jacket across the room and Cosplay Cat attacks it.

Protip: Before you go ahead and finish the second half of your french seam, double check that the item you are seaming is aligned correctly. One line of stitches is easier to rip out than two.

Regardless, now that I’ve got Romanoff, and finished the jacket, I’m nearly done Weiss, just in time to start on the next project.


Try to contain your excitement, I know it’s hard. That’s a damn fine goat. You just look at it and say ‘awh yeah I’m gonna cosplay that’.

Well, I did. But I made it awesomer.

Protip: When choosing an animal to cosplay, pick one that’s not done very often. Like platypi, goats or the unholy thing with Troll Doll hair .

I’ll be adding sneak peeks as I go.

But for now, more caffeine is needed. *slurps down rest of tea*

Let’s do this, Daylight savings week.


xox Calamity

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