Quick Update about being around the web this week. Last year I did some modelling with my dear friend Mira Lafleur for a group called Sacred Grounds Gaming.

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I got to run around in the forest and climb trees. It was pretty awesome.

Well they’re running their Kickstarter right now, and they’ve already reached their first stretch goal. Basically, it’s a custom built system focused on Players.

Sacred Grounds LarpSacred Grounds is a live action role-playing game set in northeastern Pennsylvania, at a secluded camp made for LARPing.  Combat is resolved in real time, using combat-safe boffer weapons, foam arrows, spell packets, and Nerf weapons.  The game uses a lightest-touch combat system where the goal is to land soft strikes on opponents without intending to cause injury. The system is an expansive, class-based one, designed to accommodate traditional fantasy archetypes and niches while still allowing for character building that can be broad and wide in range.

You can check out all the neat things they’re doing on their Kickstarter Page. Unfortunately WP isn’t letting me embed the video, but I’ll try to figure that out. *cracks knuckles*