I come from the land of the Ice and Snow…

Weiss Snowflake

…From the frozen earth, where the flurries blow.

Things I Do While Working On Weiss:

  • Watch Frozen
    • Sing ‘Let It Go’ (Poorly)
  • Sing the Immigrant song (Even more poorly)
  • Debate Watching RWBY.
    • Watch a bit of RWBY
    • Get annoyed at the writing
      • It’s a story of 4 girls and there’s only dude writers.
      • Hey Roosterteeth you should hire me! I’m female. Professionally female.
    • Put on Frozen again instead.
      • Sigh happily.
  • Watch Dead Snow
    • Nazi Zombies!
  • Attempt to Bedazzle Cosplay Cat.
    • Fail, end up losing Cosplay Cat’s trust until supper time
  • Be Canadian
    • Look outside
      • It’s snowing again
        • Cry into maple whiskey