CC-32 Mid-Week Update

Costume Con 32As I mentioned earlier this week, Costume Con 32 starts in just under a month. In order to get everything done that I need and want to get done, I’ve made a strict schedule I need to keep to. This is the year I really want to improve my costuming skills, and CC-32 is a great motivator since it’s a con ONLY FOR COSTUMES. EFF YES.


To keep my butt in gear, I’ll be doing Monday, Thursday updates to look at where I’m at, and what else needs to get done.


70% Complete

Bedazzling Cat

Bedazzling with Cosplay Cat.

  • Finish pouch
    • Foam insert
    • Loops for belt
    • Details
  • Recombine dress
    • Install zipper
    • attach straps
    • bedazzle, then attach belt
  • Finish Jacket
    • Spray collar
      • Will be pushed back to week after next so I can spray the collar,
        and goat stuff at the same time.
    • Add buttons
    • Bedazzle sleeves


25% Complete


Fitting the Jacket with Cosplay Cat.

  • Jacket
    • Fit, serge
    • adjust arm scyes
  • Dress
    • Fit, serge
    • lining base
    • Install zipper and hook & eye
    • Add straps
    • fishline hem skirt layers
    • Combine pieces
  • Horns
    • Shape – In Progress
    • Worbla

Single Pattern

2% Complete



No Progress/Cat Pics yet for this one.

  • Design and plan (probably this week)
  • Pick up Accessories while on sale
  • Check Fabric stocks to avoid buying more
  • Get the three pieces of hardware needed.

So some good progress so far, and more to come.

How are your costumes coming along?

xox Calamity