CC-32 Progress Week 2

Costume Con 32 Costume Con 32 starts in three weeks. In order to get everything done that I want to, I’ve made a strict schedule. I’ll be doing Monday, Thursday updates to look at where I’m at, and what else needs to get done.


70% Complete

Cutting pieces

Some minor ‘technical’ difficulties from early on.

Yeah…. so I didn’t end up making any progress on Weiss last week. I ran into  some unexpected things that ate up my entire Friday evening. Then some learning curve on Goat, but! This is still do-able. Especially since I found some replacement fabric for Weiss’s boot covers. The other ones were way too tight, sadly.

  • Finish pouch
    • Foam insert
    • Loops for belt
    • Details
  • Recombine dress
    • Install zipper
    • attach straps
    • bedazzle, then attach belt
  • Finish Jacket
    • Spray collar Add buttons
      • Will be pushed back to week after next so
        I can spray the collar,
        and goat stuff
        at the same time.
    • Bedazzle sleeves
  • Boot Covers


30% Complete

While I did get some of my list of things to do completed, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. There was some learning curves that I had misjudged that ended up eating into my time.

However! I am now

aw yiss rolled hem

Aw Yiss. Rolled Fishline Hem.

  • Jacket
    • Fit, serge
    • adjust arm scyes
  • Dress
    • Fit, serge
    • lining base
    • Install zipper and hook & eye
    • Add straps
    • fishline hem skirt layers
    • Combine skirt pieces – in progress
  • Horns
    • Shape – In Progress
    • Worbla
  • Sleeves
    • Fit, serge, add straps, zip
    • fishline hem
    • Combine pieces
  • Belt
    • Draft, detail, sew, etc
  • Shawl

Single Pattern

5% Complete

 LOOK! I made my goals for this one. (not that it was very difficult, but whatevs).

Now I just need to trace the pattern and then finish the two costumes above.


No Progress/Cat Pics yet for this one.

  • Design and plan (probably this week)
  • Pick up Accessories while on sale
  • Check Fabric stocks to avoid buying more
  • Get the three pieces of hardware needed.

xox Calamity