CC-32 Mid-Week Update 3

Costume Con 32 Costume Con 32 starts in two weeks. In order to get everything done that I want to, I’ve made a strict schedule. I’ll be doing Monday, Thursday updates to look at where I’m at, and what else needs to get done.


90% Complete – Back on schedule

 Sparkly bodice

Finally some progress!

What’s left:

  • Finish pouch
    • Foam insert
    • Loops for belt – in progress
    • Detailing
  • Recombine dress
    • Install zipper
    • attach straps
    • bedazzle, then attach belt
  • Finish Bedazzling
    • Bedazzle Bodice
    • Bedazzle Skirt of Dress
  • Tighten petti-pouf
  • Finish Wig
    • Redo bun
    • Add wefts to wig, trim
    • make hair tie thing
    • curl ponytail


55% Complete – On schedule

 Goat Sleeves comparison

A comparison of the previous sleeve (bottom) and the new one (top).
I had EXACTLY enough fabric for this. *faints*

With only two weeks left to go, I’m on target with the goat, with the majority of the sewing done. Now, it’s time to get my hands on that worbla and make the pauldron of DOOM.

How doomy?


This doomy

 What’s done and what’s next:

  • Shorten dress front layers
  • Sleeves
    • I mostly finished them…
      •  …then decided that they weren’t good enough.
    • Change design, cut sew, serge, finish new version
  • Belt
    • Draft, sew,
    • detail
    • tie chinese knot – in progress
    • make charm
  • Horns
    • Shape base in tinfoil – In Progress
    • Worbla
    • Prime, paint,
    • age, finish
    • attach with cord
  • Headdress
    • shape decorations
      • Ears
      • arches
      • Backdrop
      • Sticks
    • Prime, paint
    • Detailing
      • weathering
      • dew drops
      • beading
    • Varnish
    • attach everything to base

Also, for those of you who’ve missed out on Cosplay Cat updates, she’s with her Grandparents so I can actually get stuff done. She says hello.


xox Calamity