CC-32 Week 4 Update

Costume Con 32 Costume Con 32 starts in A WEEK AND A HALF. In order to get everything done that I want to, I’ve made a strict schedule. I’ll be doing Monday, Thursday updates to look at where I’m at, and what else needs to get done.


95% Complete 

 Weiss Sneak Peek

Hooray! Everything fits!

What’s left:

  • Finish pouch
    • Foam insert
    • Loops for belt
    • Detailing
  • Spray collar?
  • Finish Wig
    • Redo bun
    • Add wefts to wig, trim
    • make hair tie thing
    • curl ponytail


65% Complete – Kind of mostly on schedule 


I was horn-y all weekend. Ohohohoh.
Shutup, I like my puns.

So I swallowed my nerves this weekend and got to work on the horns and the pauldron, because while Worbla is terrifying, IT’S NOT THE BOSS OF ME. Not yet, anyhow. I’ll be posting a walk through of how I did the horns tomorrow, but for now, enjoy a grainy black and white photo.

About that Pauldron o’Doom…

Pauldron o' Doom

Awh Yeah. I don’t have enough fingers to hold this together long.

So right now it’s all foam and rope (those swirlies), but I’mma take a moment and leer at those compound curves.  Those Sleek, sexy compound curves that I struggled with. But now they’re allll mine.

Armor Protips:

  1. If you’re making Armor for the first time, don’t start off with only organic shapes. It’s daunting as f*ck.
  2. Pattern out of paper first, it’s cheaper than funfoam.
  3. Think about how the pieces connect before you’re done painting everything.
  4. Do not rely on Hockey tape to hold anything together. It will not work.
  5. Darts are your friend. Straight darts, curved darts. All darts.

Oh I also taught myself how to do this:

Flower KnotNot bad, eh? 

What’s done and what’s next:

  • Dress
    • Shorten front
    • Fix Pucker in back seam
  • Jacket
    • Shorten Jacket
    • Close arm scyes
    • Trim
  • Sleeves
    • Re do the puckered sleeve
    • add elastic and trim
  • Sash 
  • Belt
    • Draft, sew,
    • detail
    • tie chinese knots
    • make charm
  • Horns
    • Shape base in tinfoil 
    • Worbla
    • Prime
    • paint
    • age/weather
    • Varnish
    • attach with cord
  • Pauldron
    • Pattern
    • Cut out of foam, shape
    • Add rope detail
    • Worbla
    • add more detail
    • Prime
    • Paint
    • Age/weathering
    • varnish
    • Combine pieces
  • Headdress
    • shape decorations
      • Ears
      • Sticks
    • Prime, paint
    • Detailing
      • weathering
      • dew drops
      • beading
      • flowers
    • Varnish
    • attach everything to base


panic cat

Thank god it’s easter weekend coming up.

xox Calamity