CC-32 Mid-Week Update 4

Costume Con 32 Costume Con 32 starts in A WEEK. SEVEN DAYS. JESUS MURPHY CHRIST. In order to get everything done that I want to, I’ve made a strict schedule. I’ll be doing Monday, Thursday updates to look at where I’m at, and what else needs to get done.


95% Complete 

 Weiss Sneak Peek

Hooray! Everything fits!

What’s left:

  • Spray collar
  • Make up test
  • Finish Wig
    • Redo bun
    • Add wefts to wig, trim
    • make hair tie thing
    • curl ponytail


65% Complete – Kind of mostly on ‘schedule’ ?!?

 Goat Design

This was a previous design that has since changed quite a bit.

So yesterday was mostly spent gathering things up and running friend interference, so I dont’ have much visual ‘progress’  on Goat. Everything’s been Worbla’d and now primed using Carpenter’s glue. So sleek. Wow. Much smooth. Amaze. But not very photographically friendly. I mean, it dries clear so it’ll look exactly like the worbla’d shots.


Dem primed horns, doe.

So tonight the goal is to finish gathering the trim I need and re make the effed up sleeve.

What’s done and what’s next:

  • Dress
    • Shorten front
    • Fix Pucker in back seam
  • Jacket
    • Shorten Jacket
    • Close arm scyes
    • Trim
  • Sleeves
    • Re do the puckered sleeve
    • add elastic and trim
  • Belt
    • Draft, sew,
    • detail
  • Horns
    • Prime
    • paint
    • age/weather
    • Varnish
    • attach with cord
  • Pauldron
    • Prime
    • Paint
    • Age/weathering
    • varnish
    • Combine pieces
  • Headdress
    • shape decorations
      • Ears
      • Sticks
    • Prime, paint
    • Detailing
      • weathering
      • dew drops
      • beading
      • flowers
    • Varnish
    • attach everything to base



SPC – Mermaid

5% Complete 

Bastet - Single Pattern Contest

Okay, let’s do this.

What’s left:

  • Trace pattern
  • Muslin, fit pattern and alterations
  • cut, sew serge
  • Decorations
  • Mask
  • Finishing Details

Thank god it’s Easter weekend.

xox Calamity