Costume Con 32 I leave for Costume Con 32 TOMORROW.



95% Complete 

Weiss Progress

Organized as shit.

So I make mini project plans for each cosplay. While some people don’t need them, I find having the steps broken down and laid out like this really helps keep me motivated through the tedious stuff, like fitting. Especially when there’s not a lot of visual progress.

Plus, it helps keep me on schedule.

What’s left:

  • Spray collar
  • Finish Wig
    • Redo bun
    • Add wefts to wig, trim
    • make hair tie thing
    • curl ponytail


93% Complete – *$#&$#^@%

I ran out of hot glue last night at the most inopportune time, Crapsnacks. Guess who’ll be crafting on the car-ride down? THIS CHICK.

Guess who else forgot to bring her beading to work on at lunch? STILL ME.

Goat Progress

  • Dress
    • Shorten front
    • Fix Pucker in back seam
  • Jacket
    • Shorten Jacket
    • Close arm scyes – In Progress
    • Trim
  • Sleeves
    • Re do the puckered sleeve
    • add elastic and trim
  • Belt
    • Draft, sew,
    • detail
  • Horns
    • Prime
    • paint
    • age/weather
    • Varnish
    • attach
  • Pauldron
    • Prime
    • Paint
    • Age/weathering
    • varnish
    • Combine pieces – In Progress
  • Headdress
    • shape decorations
      • Ears
      • Sticks
    • Prime, paint
    • Detailing
      • weathering
      • dew drops
      • beading
      • flowers
    • Varnish
    • attach everything to base


SPC – Mermaid

55% Complete 

At least I made progress on this one! Skirt: DONE. Top: in progress. I’ve done everything I need to while at home, and the rest can be done in the sewing lab at con.

Also, this costume doesn’t have a project plan because it’s dirty and poorly made and exciting like that.

It will also likely be held together with safety pins. Sexy, dirty, exciting, safety pins.

What’s left:

  • Trace pattern
  • Muslin, fit pattern and alterations
  • Fabric prepped
  • cut, sew serge
  • Make a top – In Progress
  • Mask
  • Finishing Details

I still have to pack too… shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

List all the things

Yes, I have a list for this too. I’ve forgotten too many things in my years not to.

xox Calamity