Con Chronicles: Costume Con 32 pt2

Costume Con 32 


Nothing Good ever happens after 2am. Ask Mai Sheri and Kurumasha.

Also I’m a stupid when I’m tired.


Future Fashion Folio

 I feel shame, I thought I’d taken pictures of this, but apparently I was too busy sipping my tea and trying to shake the sleep-hangover from celebrating the night before to remember.

I’ll be honest though, the Future Fashion Folio, with a couple notable exceptions, seemed to be… a little disappointing. Not entirely sure what I was expecting, but there was an oddly high ratio of mumus. 

There  was still some awesome stuff, like a spider dress that was really cool, and a Ramona Flowers design. I’m thinking that next year I’ll just submit some designs and see where that goes.

Simplicity Fashion Show

The ‘halftime’ show of the Future Fashion Folio was the Simplicity fashion show where a designer for Simplicity showed off some of her designs, and patterns that would be coming out soon. I have to say, I enjoyed that segment a lot more than I thought I would. I had mostly gone to support my two friends who were models, but seeing sneak peeks into upcoming patterns was exciting.

If only Fabricland hadn’t stopped carrying Simplicity…

Simplicity Fashion Show

No Flash means blurry picture. Sorry.

On the far left is Sabrina, in a bolero with Fairy wings. She had a pretty cute witch outfit on first, at least? But, let’s take a minute to oogle that jacket/corset combo to her right. I want. I want right now. When the model whose-name-I-know-not stepped out, you could hear the gasp of female-character cosplayers, followed by hushed whispers of ‘when’s this pattern coming out?’.

The Thorin was pretty neat, so was the two versions of Dany, both from the same pattern apparently. I honestly just like the blue dress as a dress. It’d be really pretty as a hi-low floaty summer thing.

Then there’s Maisheri rockin’ the Cersei. The dress was hanging in our room for two days, and I had to resist petting it and snooping each time I walked by.

Photoshoot, Panels & Idiocy

 I hurried out before the winners of the Future Fashion Folio were announced since I had to finish wefting Weiss’s Wig, and then trim it for a shoot I’d had scheduled. Although I was running a bit late because I was nervous trimming the bangs, it all worked out in the end, I think, with a great shoot before I hit up Elemental‘s panel on how to pose for photography.

Weiss Schnee

I look so tanned in white, which makes this photo a complete and toal lie.

Unfortunately, I’d hooked my ribbons into my purse, and while I thought they were secure, I’m 99.9999% sure that when I set my purse down in the panel room, they fell out, and I didn’t notice until significantly later.


Bye bye Masquerade Ribbons ;_;

Historical Masquerade

 We missed this while getting supper. Whoops. But it was so tasty! Jack Astors had gluten free buns! I HAD A HAMBURGER AND IT WAS AMAZING. Apparently, though, so was the Masq.

Plans have been made to enter the next Historical Masq at whatever Costume-Con we attend next. The poufy skirt ladies will doubtless be unimpressed, but I assure you that it will be amazeballs.

Lesson(s) of the Day

Unless you are securing your ribbons with E6000 or safety pins, don’t show them off =\ The Cosplay Gods are fickle things and destroy pride with swift action. So leave your ribbons in your room.


The day of exhaustion.

Mostly spent sleeping, packing up the van, meeting Nomadic-Goldfish and AngelicaCosplay (aka Jello? I don’t know, I started to get hungry during that conversation…)

I also picked up my print from the wall of Canadian-awesome-cosplayers.


I look smugly at how awesome canadian costumers are.

After grabbing lunch, we packed up into the van and made the long way home. Now, to recover, and get ready for Ottawa Comic Con in two weeks.

No rest for the wicked…

Final Verdict

From everyone online, the consensus seems to be: Best Con Ever. I know that it’s already set to return to Toronto in 3 years, and I’m considering going to the next one in South Carolina with a contingent of Canadian Troublemakers Cosplayers.

The ‘Buccaneers and Belles’ Theme is a tempting, tempting thing. (PIRATES)

xx Calamity