Oh Shit, a poem.

Aka: How I suddenly became an ICG Master and what that means. In bad verse. My apologies in advance. Ms. [redacted], my creative writing teacher would be so proud to read this…


Oh Shit.

A poem, by Calamity.

Last Ottawa Comic Con, in 2013
was the first time that a masquerade
had enough room for my entry
of an almost-planned walk-on parade.

Wizard detail

My armor: ill-fitting cardboard and foam.
My embroidery: off-centre. Appliques: puffy.
In my haste to arrive I forgot the wig at home
and the rain outside made my hair extra fluffy.

OCC2013 Wizard

To my surprise I won a ribbon for my cosplay
‘Best detailing’ for journeyman class!
My friends were nearly all masters, so I said: ‘Hey,
I could be one too!’ But with extra sass. 

 bone Bikini

Too much sass! Less sass. LESS SASS.

‘In 2014, I’ll enter the masq again,
As Artisan this time. A resonable goal,
Accounting for any time constrain,
acts of god, or punches I’ll have to roll.’

Scrapped Rolled Hems 

Now it’s Ottawa Comic Con, 2014
Coming up fast this weekend
I plan to enter the masq once more,
as Artis- wait.


Well, shit?

*ahem* As I was saying…

I plan to enter the masq once more,
as I had initially intend….ed. (damnit)

But this time I’ll have to enter as ‘Master’.
See, it’s Costume-Con 32’s fault,
that I rose up the ranks so much faster (than planned.)
Now ‘Master’ is default.

CC32 Masq awards

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be one,
I just wish I’d thought this through
and gotten higher quality work done,
As a Master I’ll a lot to live up to…

zodiac selfie

Like poise and grace.

So bring on the (moderately) late nights,
I’ll be up until at least, maybe, ten,
hermiting away to set Weiss to rights
for this weekend.

Bedazzling Cat
I’ll see you all then!

xox Calamity,
A poet who knows it.