Con Chronicles: Ottawa Comic Con 2014

Ottawa Comic Con


I did some stuff, but less stuff than I’d planned on doing. Despite having a not-great day, things turned out pretty okay.

Honestly more preoccupied with moving and getting my new place set up, and doctor appointments and work training and Anime North and gah- *stress ball asplodes*

sweet baby jesus

Post con cleanup + packing for a move = terribad mess.
It looks much better now Mom, I promise!

Sorry this is late ;_;


I did stuff. Not a lot of stuff, since I had to work until 4, then get down to the con to pick up my badge. Also, between the Tulip Festival and OCC falling on the same weekend, pretty much all of Ottawa’s cars were parked on the road, pretending that they were driving.

It took a while, so I missed the panel run by Melting Mirror and Detailed-Illusion but did arrive in time for Calssara’s panel on cosplay stage presentations. While this ended up being the only panel I attending (in full) this weekend, it was definitely worth it. She had tips and video examples of different strategies, and it was really interesting to see the differences between Canadian Masquerades and those in Europe.

Melting Mirror and I were both wishing we could enter the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG), but sadly, since Canada was all ‘sorry Dad, I wanna be my own country’, we can’t. Stupid Canada. (Just kidding, I love you. Sorry.)

Captain Canada

Captain Canuck is disappoint.

Then I went home and looked at Weiss and was like ‘nope’, and started packing for my move at the end of the month.


I  slept in, and it was great.

I looked at Weiss and was like ‘eeeeeh nope’ and put on my Dany instead sans wig because it was beautiful out and I wanted to feel the wind in my hair.

I waited 40 minutes for a bus because the other one just decided not to show up, and got a bit of a tan. Sort of. It’s already gone ;_;.

Wandering the show, i noticed it was super packed and I ended up being super grateful that I didn’t wear my poufy skirt, jacket, heels and long wig ponytail thing.


Can we take a moment to appreciate these dresses? These ladies were dressed as Effie and Katniss last year too. But they seriously outdid themselves this year. That monark dress was made from individual fake butterfly wings. AND IT WAS SYMMETRICAL. WITH 3D DETAILS AT THE COLLAR AND BACK AND ARMS AND OMFG *dies*

They didn’t compete, though they looked amazing as fuck. Seriously. *shoves Weiss dress under a rock*

Elffi and Calssara

I met famous people, who were really sweet. Elffi and Calssara. I hope they enjoyed the con.

Mirror and I debated going to watch the Masquerade, but as we were collapsed in a corner by some automobile that neither of us can afford, we decided that we were old, and we were grumpy and we wanted food dagnabbit. Food meant we would miss the Masq, which meant we’d miss our friends Kurumasha and Detailed Illusion judging people with judgey faces, as well as Dex Morgan and Comic Girl competing…

But food is the siren call of cosplay. So we went to the Works, and i had a delicious Tomato-free, gluten-free ELK burger. Omnomnom. Wildness.

It was damn tasty, and as we were both nursing full elk-filled tummies, we decided we had made the right choice.


I didn’t plan to go, but one of my best friends ever was in town, and called and asked if I was at the con. I said no, slightly confused, but comforted by the warm sunshine on my face as I sat out on a patio, cup of tea in hand.

‘I am,’ he said. And I frowned. But sunshine, but Guy-friend (note: not boyfriend, GUY friend. Those are more important somehow). But sunshine.

GuyFriend won, because he is his own sunshine that is stubbornly still living out in BC.

Master Chief and Stark

I finished my tea, and headed over, soon finding my GuyFriend sunshine, and then followed him around for the rest of the day, wishing I’d brought the cup of tea with me.  I introduced him and his mom to my local buddies who are equally awesome: Kurumasha and Dex, and others who are less local but still awesome.

GuyFriend did not give me a GuyFriend-shine burn though, so there’s that. Although the resounding verdict whenever he wandered away to get a picture of something was:

“He is handsome.”[Actual quote] Yup. “Distractingly handsome.”[More actual quote] Still yup. Silly friends, like I hadn’t noticed. He lives in BC. No GuyFriend for you.

So Sexy

I don’t know why we’ve never dated.
Clearly I am the most attractive female he has ever met.

Guy-Friend, don’t you get a big head about this. I won’t hesitate to kick your butt in L4D (ahahahahahah…hah… like I’d ever win against you….).

And then I went over to my parents to visit Cosplay Cat and Cosplay Mom for mother’s day, and I collapsed, watched GoT, and then went to bed.

And it was good.

Now it’s back to packing. ALLLL THE PACKING.

xx Calamity