Con Chronicles: Anime North 2014


SO MANY PEOPLE. SO MANY THINGS. My brain is still rebooting itself from the weekend. I’ll be pretty brief today, because there’s still so much I need to focus on in my non-cosplay world. Aka the move of doom and work and etc etc. I am sooooo looking forward to Colossal Con in two weeks when I can just relax and have fun.

Cutie Colossal Titan

Cutiepie Colossal Titan


Friday was msotly spent driving down to Toronto with Kurumasha, Melting Mirror and Kurumasha’s friend Squeak. We arrived around 4, 5 and Mirror had to run/powerwalk over to judge the video game costume contes while I set up our table.


We saw her on the way back to the hotel after closing up shop. Goddamn.


 I put on Weiss for a RWBY meet up at noon, posed for a bit, got to our table to set it up and realised I’d forgotten the cashboxes. Ahaha…hah.. damnit, Calamity get it together. Luckily Zacloudseth was kind enough to help man the table and I was able to run up to the room, change into ‘street’ clothes and grab the cashes.


That coat in 27C was major dedication, my friend.

Miraculously, after a week of searching for space related things to no avail, I stumbled across a pair of tokidori leggings and the cutest space shirt ever. It was important for reasons of awesome, when I helped out Andy and Maisheri with the Masquerade.


How was the masquerade by the way? I was busy running around and dodging less than helpful volunteers. Some were great, but the vast majority… less so.


That moment when you’re wearing the same cosplay as a worksmanship judge.


I did things.


LoliLoki Made a friend!

I think. We drove back. I am so tired.

x.x Calamity

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