Plans gone awry con’t.

Okay. So. Otakuthon. World cosplay summit.

Holy-fuckity-awesome right? But.

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve yet to actually do a costume from a Japanese source. At least to completion, and Kureha just… frankly wouldn’t be up to snuff. She’s not impressive enough and I’d have to re-do the whole costume anyways because my sewing abilities have tripled since I last touched her skirt.

That sounded wrong… Moving on!

Because of the Otakuthon/WCS development I’ve had to re-jig my cosplay plans for this year. Not to mention that I had a small move.


Some of the Calamity household took it harder than others…


Like, really hard.

While I was consoling my traumatised kitten, I started planning out how I was going to attack the WCS costume, and the rest of summer. Needless to say, Weepinbelle VictreeBelle has been pushed back, so too has the Dragon*Con costume I’d planned out.

hard at work

Don’t worry, she was fine once she found the sunshine.

So. Without further ado,

Calamity’s Fancy Schmancy totally-going-to-change-again Costume Schedule:

NB: * indicates a hopeful Masquerade entry


5th – 8th: Colossal Con.

  • Costumes:
    • Summer Goat
    • Psyduck Gijinka

9th- 31st: Workshoppin’ on Victreebelle and Otakuthingy

Cowslip's Victree Belle

DEADLINE: Finish VictreeBelle


1st: CANADA DAY! All the drinks, all the fireworks!

2nd: Recovery.

3rd – 30th: Workshoppin’ on Otakuthingy


    • 75% Completion on Otakuthingy costume
    • 50% Completion on WCS Props
    • Skit Idea finalized


1st – 14th: Workshoppin’ on Otakuthingy like a madwoman

DEADLINE: Finish Otakuthingy. Skit Completed, ready to go. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.


Note: the picture is unrelated to the costume.


  • Costumes:
    • Otakuthingy – WCS***$@*
    • Victreebelle (* depends on the wcs rules, when it is, etc.)
    • Full Goat with rest of Zodiac group

18th: Stress coma, laundry, all the sleep.

29th-1st Sept: Dragon*Con.

Was 99.999% sure this was supposed to be the ‘big’ con in the second half of the year. WAT HAPPEN?

  • Costumes:
    • Victreebelle
    • Otakuthingy? Will have to see how well it packs and what the results of WCS are
    • Weiss Schnee


Does… does September even exist? I just don’t know anymore.


3rd – 5th: Can-Con, the writing con. No costumes. I have a feeling that I’ll feel naked without armor, 5 layers of makeup and a wig. Might hit costume withdrawl and sneak in wearing a wig. (Pretty site, right? Right? I made Dis.)

5th – 30th: Working away at Pop Expo costume/GAnime Costume(s)

31st: HALLOWE’EN! (Costumer’s Christmas)

Beetle what


1st – 30th: Work away at Pop Expo costume/GAnime Costume(s), attempt to wrangle panel-ship status for Pop Ex. No table this year far as I know.


 5th-7th: Pop Expo! – CANCELLED

January 2015


  • Costumes:
    • Red/Ruby
    • Poison Ivy USO * OR
    • Regency Special Awesome Costume*

Red Riding hood cape swirl

wauugh so much to do!

xx Calamity