Heroes of Cosplay: The Canadian-ing.

…and other updates.

So some of you might remember that a while ago, there was some brouhaha over the Heroes of Cosplay invading the tiny first year Con called Pop Expo Ottawa. Luckily all the brouhaha was over before the con actually started, and it went off with as little issues as possible.


Also, Canada represented, with Detailed Illusion entering against all the Southron Imports of the show. Detailed Illusion was also one of the fellow Ottawans who represetend at Costume Con, winning awards for Presentation and Worksmanship and will be joining us at Otakuthon for an extended Zodiac cosplay. (Fuck yeah! he’s awesome. Go look him up.)

Well, that episode’s airing tonight, so check out how the local talent stacks up against the ‘pros’ tonight at 9EST, on Space. Or Syfy. Ugh, just typing those Y’s made my inner writer die a little.


Also in news, related of course, Pop Expo folded? Maybe? So uh, yeah the Calamity’s Fancy Schmancy totally-going-to-change-again Costume Schedule has already changed, not even 24 hours after posting it.

G’ddamn, that was faster than expected. Well, with Pop Expo gone, it looks like I’ll have some recovery time in December, and be able to finish off the Regency Special Awesome Costume.

In other updates: I’ve retired two costumes and moved The Captain and The Wizard over to the archives part of my site. They just don’t reflect my sewing abilities anymore, so while I may revisit Diablo later, it’s time to wave goodbye for now. I’ve also added the two WIPs to the ‘active’ list: VictreeBelle and Otakuthingy. I’ll update with progress photos as I go.

xox Calamity