Calamitous Contest/Give away!

Go to Facebook to win this wig! (or a gift certificate)

Hi Folks!

As some (all both of you) are aware, I’ll be competing with Melting Mirror in the WCS Canada (WCSC) competition this August at Otakuthon.

So will Detailed-Illusion and Mia’s Messy Wardrobe. THERE CAN ONLY BE TWO. Both of whom are also equally awesome.

But as part of the whole application process for WCS in other countries, they look at the internet footprint of competitors. Which means facebookWhich means I’m about to do something I really hate doing: asking for shares/likes on facebook.

*shudder* sorry guys. But let me make it up to you.

As part of the ‘oh god I’m so sorry I’m doing this’, I’ll be holding a give away.

What you will Win

Go to Facebook to win this wig! (or a gift certificate)

The wig, not the model, obvs.

This is a gen-u-ine Rockstar wig. Check out it’s stats below:

Rockstar Wig Info

Awh yiss.

It’s been worn all of once, in great condition and I’ll ship it to you wherever you may be. If you win and you’re not interested in the wig, I’ll send you a $35 Gift Certificate to Epic Cosplay Wigs or Arda, your choice.

How To Enter

  • Like’ the Wig Contest Picture above on my facebook page
    • (and the page itself if you haven’t already!)
  • Share the picture on your newsfeed!
  • Comment  on the picture: 
    • do you want the Rockstar Wig, OR the gift Cert?

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be posting the picture later this afternoon. You’ll have a week.

The Picture is now up! Go get ’em Tigers!

If you have done all those three things, you’ll be entered into a pool, and the winner will be randomly selected via computer random number generator magic!

xox Calamity