Housekeeping? Housekeeping.

Much like a workspace, home or craft room, websites need to be cleaned up now and then.

I thought the menu was a little crowded so I went through and rearranged some stuff to make it easier for people to read, and find what they’re interested in.

I hope it’s helpful!

What’s New

I’ve moved Otakuthingy and Victreebelle to a new submenu. All WIPs and upcoming costumes will be found there so it’s easier to see what costumes I have that are ‘active’ and which will be making their appearance within the next year! 

WIPs and upcoming

Step 1: hover over costumes.

Step 2: hover on WIPs & Upcoming.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit from LOOOOOVE!

What’s Updated

New Goat pictures on the goat page

Updated Con Schedule


  • NYCC
  • Katsucon
  • Costumes
  • Con logos and links

Added two lovely ladies to the Capital Cosplay Honourable Members page:


Nomadic Goldfish and Angelica Cosplay!

What’s moved



I’ve removed the link to Can Cosplay, which was a great idea to start, but I haven’t had any new submissions in a while. The site will still be available, just no longer directly linked from my menu 🙂


Hope you had a great Canada Day yesterday, and will have a good America Day on the 4th!

xox Calamity