10 Signs you ‘might’ be addicted to Cosplay

Hey Girl...

1. You’ve cried while making a costume…

…but kept working on it, careful not stain it with your tears.

Ashamed CatWhy can’t I quit you!?

2. You’ve thrown part of your costume across the room.

Then gone to pick it up while apologizing to it.

Scrapped Rolled Hems

3. You’ve passed over social plans so you could craft

Cons wait for not man. Or woman. Or cat.

gahCan’t leave for my niece’s birthday. Gotta make Armor.

4. You’ve pulled another all-nighter

despite promising yourself you never would again.

napsThen slept the whole way to the Con

5. You have a folder of ‘planned’ cosplays…

…that reaches at least a year ahead.


If not two.

6. You lie to tell yourself that you won’t start any new costumes until you’ve finished the ones you’ve started.

Then you see The Most Perfect Costume Design Ever.

Cowslip's Trevenant Gijinka

7. There is something cosplay related in every room of your house.

Despite you trying to keep things contained.

sweet baby jesus

Protip: Never move between Cons!

8. You fantasize about your current project being done on time… 

…more often  than you do about Scarlet Johanssen or Chris Hemsworth.
Hey Girl... Hey boy...

But Hemsworth helping you get your cosplay done on time? Now we’re talkin’!

9. You actually have nightmares about your cosplay.

It’s not done. It breaks. It falls off on stage.YOU fall off stage.

panic cat

 The possibilities are endless. And terrifying.

10. You’re on a first name basis with your local fabric/craft shop.

Swatch the Dog at Mood

Swatch the dog from Mood Fabrics in NYC. We’re besties. (I wish)
Photo  ©Mood Fabrics.


How well did you do?

I’m 9/10. The local fabriclands don’t know my name… yet. But they know my face now. THEY HIDE.

xox Calamity

13 thoughts on “10 Signs you ‘might’ be addicted to Cosplay

  1. not so much anymore. cosplay in the closet not all over the house. nothing is worth crying about. I have thrown things before but I havent lately. and Iam not too worried about it to not sleep or function. I have a 20 month old daughter to attend to.

  2. I’m a pretty recent cosplayer myself. Number 4 is a HUGE problem for me. But could you really call yourself a cosplayer unless you have at least once experienced the time honored tradition of staying up all night the night before a con?

  3. I jsut started making my first costume ever, and yes I have cried, but thats because I have zero talent in sewing and am learning and when I think I finally got it down where I feel good about it, the machine messes up for two hours and I’m left frustrated and a crying mess out of pure despair at my inadequeacy.