10 steps of building a Cosplay


1. Fall in love

With a costume design/character/game. Immediately know you HAVE to cosplay it. YOU HAVE TO OR YOU WILL DIE. (Not literally).

Weiss Schnee

That bolero, the sleeves that pouf!

Or get wrangled into it by a friend who absolutely needs you to be the Panty to their Stocking, the Falcon to their Captain America (eee best bromance EVER!).

Cutie Colossal Titan

Or if you’re unfortunately tall, the Colossal Titan to their Eren.


2. Underestimate how complicated the costume will be…

and overestimate your ability to finish on time. 


 I can totes do this. It’s like a dress and a jacket. Easy peasy.

And leggings… and a turban thing.


And applique, and gradient dying, and piping, and macrame… OH GOD. This was supposed to be the EASY costume!

3. Gather supplies

Fabric, trim, zippers, worbla, scotch (ahah i bet half of you think I mean the tape!)

Elsa stuff

Not pictured here: Threads. DAMNIT.

I'm helping

…and helper cat/human, if applicable.

4. Procrastinate

by ‘researching’ the character on youtube, napping, cleaning your workspace.

Workshop part 2

Not pictured here: Progress.

Workshop part 1

The possibilities are endless! Your time is not.





5. Begin construction

and quickly realise that you’ve forgotten some key material. Or you’ve got the wrong kind, or don’t have enough.

Scrapped Rolled Hems

Or you make a (many) mistake(s) and use too much of something. Whoops!

5. B) Panic.


6. Replace said material, resume construction.

 aw yiss rolled hem

Older, wiser, bitterer.

7. Despair

Realise the cosplay will never get done.

7. B) Despair leads to anger, anger leads to hate & hate leads to the Dark Side. 

Get angry at yourself (to varying degrees) for choosing the cosplay.

Trevenant Detail


Hate the character designer for making such fiddly bits. 



Promise yourself to the Dark Side if you can get the costume done in time.



8. The Cosplay Gods take their Blood Sacrifice.

You have no choice in the matter. But once the blood has been offered, progress will speed up.  Ignore that burning hollow feeling in your chest. Shh. Shh. You’re one of us now.

Pinning Ruffles

Ruffles and pleats. EVERY. F*cking. TIME.

 9. Work through the night

Fuelled by your caffeine of choice 


 Timmy’s: The unofficial sponsor of Canadian Cosplayers.

10. As light breaks through yonder window, step back for the cosplay is done!

Or rather done enough.

zodiac #selfie

None of us have slept in three days! WOOOOOO. COSPLAY.

10. B) Realise that you’re going to do this allll over again.

xox, Calamity

Who is currently in step 7 B of Otakuthingy.