When I say “I’m a Cosplayer”


I really mean…

“I watch movies just to see pretty costumes.”


L-R: Anna Karenina, Hunger Games, Moulin Rouge, Malecifent 

Most of  My work vacation days go towards Conventions.”


And weekends…

“I own more hand tools than most guys I’ve dated.”


ilu Heat gun <3

“I get more excited by a trip to the fabric store than I do going to the mall.”

Fabric Weights

Eeeeeee Colours! Weights! softs!

“I am an artist, but also a problem solver.”

Armor bits

So how will I get these to dry standing up? Oh wait, skewers!

“I like sitting alone in my house working on costumes.”

 tutu Cat

Mostly alone, anyways.

“I regularly have mild panic attacks about not getting costumes done. And by regularly, I mean every costume.”


oh god Why….

“I have yet to learn how to plan costumes to get them done without a last-minute-panic.”

step 5 - CPP

 That doesn’t stop me from trying though! 

“I believe the Cosplay Gods are real, eldritch, grouchy and real. And they demand blood sacrifice.


Costhullu frowns at your unfinished seams!

(Apologies to Lovecraft who did the original Sketch) 

“I must be a masochist to think this is fun.”

CanCosplay collection Buuuut at least I’m in good company!