5 Ways Cosplay’s a lot like High School & 5 Ways it’s not

algebra... necessary

One of my favourite things about being an adult with a for-real-grown-up job is that I’m not in high school any more (heart goes out to the kids still on the inside). I love learning though, just not… school-ness.

But I got to thinking the other day about how Cosplay is this weird mix of high-school-ness and non-high-schoolness.

Without further ado… here… we… go!

5 Ways Cosplay is Like High School

1. You use Geometry, Algebra and Trigonometry on a way-too-often basis

algebra... necessary

Obviously not a cosplayer, just sayain’.

Drafting an armor pattern? Geometry.

Trying to figure out how long a circle skirt should be with a huge pettipouf under it? Trig.

If you have 10 rhinestones per panel of a slashed sleeve, and you have 6 panels per sleeve… how many rhinestones do you need to buy to be sure you have enough?


2. Cram sessions



Fanart from my lovely friend, M.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all cried into our worbla as we finished up the last parts of our costumes. (No? we haven’t? Damnit.)

All night sessions/panicked cramming don’t really go away after school, not unless you are the master of time management. And if you are… teach me your ways.


3. Cliques

In Cosplay, like in life everywhere, there will be cliques. People that get along really well and don’t really interact outside of their circle. Sometimes it’s because they have weird pre-concieved notions about ‘rejects’ and so on, but most of the time it’s just because they’re shy and comfortable with who they know.



4. Strange Science Experiments

“I wonder what happens if I add nail polish to acrylic…”

Science Cat

“Hmm my egg timer looks like a good form for worbla…”

“There has to be a faster way to make a sword!”

“Hold my beer. I’m going to try something” (Note: saying this last one will result in an explosion or bodily harm, 95% of the time.)


5. Bullies

One of the sad truths of life is that there are always going to be bullies. Some people, through insecurity, frustration or just plain shittiness, like to pick on people. They will make snarky comments, passive aggressive drama or just plain hurtful comments.

Venus the Bulldog 

Not this kind of Bully, sadly. There should be more of this kind.

Ignore them. If you don’t give them the satisfaction of ruining your day, that’ll ruin theirs.


5 Ways Cosplay is NOT like High School

(Thank god!)

1. You love the projects

Unlike those awful projects the teachers used to assign you, pretending that they’d be fun, you choose what you want to work on. Say you feel like sewing? Big Muthafuckin’ ballgown! Feel like armor? Skyrim.


Unnf so awesome.

Feelin’ sassy? Jessica Rabbit.

Cosplay lets you work on what you love, and if you aren’t feeling it, you can always take a break.


2. Flexible deadlines 

Unless you’re part of a group, if you don’t get a specific cosplay done in time… so what? There’ll be other events. Not finishing on time isn’t the end of the world, it won’t affect your final mark (hint: There aren’t any!) and you can finish it to the quality you want.


 Many… many opportunities. Too many, really.

3. Near unlimited potential for new friends/Mentors

There are hundreds of thousands of cosplayers all over the world. And the vast majority of them share your interests. Talk to people, swap horror stories and successes, ask how they made the prop that’s got you in awe.

ColossalCon Crew

Cosplay is awesome, share the love.

4. NAPS.

‘Nuff said.

Cutting pieces

Bonus points if you nap ON your cosplay (watch out for pins)

5. You can stop any time you want if you want to

Not feeling motivated? Step back, rest. Watch movies, take a hiatus, do whatever you feel like for a while.

No one is making you cosplay.


Go out and explore some sppaaaaaace! Or nap, or chill, or whatever.

If you’re feeling burnt out and grumpy about the hobby, then take a break. Cosplay is only a hobby (unless you’re a professional like Yaya, then I guess it’s a day job) and hobbies are meant to be enjoyed, not hated.


Bonus: Alcohol

Disclaimer: Only if you’re of legal age in your Province/State/Country.

But srs. Beers and cosplay are amazing.


xox Calamity