Unsettling ways Cosplayers look like Serial killers

Owls, yo.

Our search histories are… ‘odd’. searchHistory


Some recent searches of mine:

  • [Otakuthingy-related Animal] death scream 
  • Wing anatomy
  • Monster screams/grunts/shout
  • Treating burns
  • Getting out stubborn stains from plastic
  • Mimic battle damage

There are very, very, strange audio clips in our music library…

And sometimes they sneak onto your ipod or phone…

Owls, yo.

  • Animal calls
  • Zombie groans
  • Inhuman screams
  • Pokemon names
  • The sounds of hitting people, and getting hit
  • (gun?)Fire
  • Generally disturbing sounds
  • The sound that can only be described as ‘tinkling

We buy suspect items at the dollar store

Usually with dark circles under our eyes from lack of sleep and sometimes in a panic late at night.

  • Large Spoon (singular)
  • Sturdy Tinfoil
  • Hot pink Pool noodle
  • Sparkly butterfly child’s toy
  • large amounts of drop cloths
  • Shovel handle

Our To-Do lists look insane

List all the things


Note to self:

  • Weather weapon and armor
  • Add bloodstains and battle wear
  • Patch up shirt
  • Fix gloves
  • Regrow Fingerprints

…if you need me, I’ll be crying in a corner until Otakuthon.

-_- ”  Calamity