“F*** Otakuthon”

Melia to the Rescue

 otakuthon logo


Some Cons have road bumps. Sometimes you catch conplague,  other times there’s delays or costumes breaking. Then… then there was Otakuthon.

Melting Mirror suggested Otakuthon’s motto should be this:


Before we got on the highway, it became this:




I spent most of Thursday frantically trying to get my WCS costume done, then panicking as I realised I couldn’t, then panicking more as I realised I was letting Mirror down. I decided that since I’d had most of the armor done, I’d bring that, and wear a black bodysuit underneath. The deadline to drop out had been Tuesday, and I didn’t want to disqualify us from competing next year, even if I was really unhappy with where the costume was at.

Otakuthingy, revealed

Next year, something simpler. Melia Antiqua from Xenoblade Chronicles.

After a panic-nap (these are a thing) so I wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel, Mirror, Kurumasha and I drove down to Montreal. I fully expected that Mirror and I would be crashing for the night on Shushuwafflez‘s floor because the hotel had been overbooked for Thursday night. Luckily, upon arriving we discovered that a group had cancelled and we’d have beds that night! YAY!

We set up our props and then went straight to bed, like the hard-partiers we are. 



Dress rehearshal ran very late due to the stage not being set up. This wasn’t the fault of the WCS organizers and they were really great and apologetic about it. However, the delay meant instead of the 15 mins we were supposed to have to rehearse… we had 1 dry run.


This also meant that the continued construction of my costume in the hotel was severely cut back. We hurriedly got ready, and with most of the armor strapped to me, Mirror and I made it to the green room just in time to be judged.

But there was a problem. See, on the way to the green room the con was extremely crowded and some asshole orc-dudes where pushing by me on the escalator. It was only when I got to the edge of the green room area that I realised half my right leg armor had been knocked off.

I dumped the rest of my things with Mirror, and went back to look…. but it was gone.



I was furious, to say the least. I felt like not only had I let myself down but also my partner who had trusted me to make a costume that I hadn’t finished… andnow a key part of my leg armor was GONE. I could only hope that the judges understood, but at this point we were aiming for second last.

I brought the other half of the leg armor to the worksmanship judging and explained what happened. Ultimately I decided against wearing the lop sided leg armor for the skit since the audience wouldn’t know what had happened, and lopsided armor with visible strapswould be more noticeable than no armor.  


The Show

With judging over, and some food in me, I was starting to feel a little better. I mean, of all the things to be nervous about a costume contest…. the worst had already happened. If I fell onstage so what? My costume was already not finished and a key piece missing.

Stage photos and awards ceremony pics are all from Eleventh Photograph, the official Photographer.

WCS 2014 Stage

“Riki, Play Dead!” is an actual tactic in-game btw. Also that backdrop <3

Melia on stage WCS 2014

I have to say, as huge as those pauldrons were, I could move pretty easily.

Luckily, the skit went smoothly and got a great audience reaction. Especially when Mirror knocked over the angry bird.

Sharla to the (actual) Rescue

Melting  Mirror looked great too!

Then we had to tear down and go to bed. I wandered a bit with Detailed-Illusion and Messy Mia to grab a drink before hanging out with a couple people and then passed out hard in bed.


We slept in, and it was MARVELOUS. After grabbing breakfast we explored the city, finding places we probably weren’t supposed to get into…

Exploring Montreal

Deserted building with chandeliers and beautiful wood panelled walls!

…and buying things for ‘work’. After a delicious lunch, we dropped our purchases off at the hotel and went to the con. Along the way we got to see some of our lovely friends:

Regina and Belle

Angelica Cosplay as Belle, Nomadic Goldfish as Regina from Once Upon a Time.

Shushu Wafflez as Ester Blanchette

Shushuwafflez as Ester. THE EMBROIDERY OMG.



After cruising the Dealer’s room we went to watch the Masquerade, and cheered on Vickybunny Angel and Shushuwafflez and everyone else, really. There were some really great costumes that are definitely worth looking up.

There would be pictures here if I’d remembered to take some. Whoops!

The original plan in the evening was to meet up with some of the Guests and have supper, but in the end Mirror and I got ramen and then flitted from hotel room to hotel room. I ended up detangling a wig and sipping wine with Angelica Cosplay, Shushuwafflez and Nomadic Goldfish until we realised it was 2am and we had our zodiac shoot at 10. HAAAA #responsibleAdults




Somehow we managed to get up and dressed in time for the zodiac group shoot. In continuing the #FuckOtakuthon trend, Nomadic Goldfish forgot her Sword, and I forgot my Goat Pauldron. Our Rabbit, Vickybunnyangel forgot most of her rabbit too, but she made a wonderful shoot manager.

Zodiac Ladies

Photo by Vickybunnyangel

We tried shooting outside but unfortunately the light was waaaaay too strong and the prime location we had planned on using was strung up with neon dayglo kites. Skipping lunch, we changed into civvie clothes and I got rid of my goat nose for the awards ceremony.


Awards Ceremony

I have never, in my years of con-going, seen an awards show so full. Every seat was full and the organizers shoved people into standing room at the back and sides.

Then something really weird happened.

Kaname and Runners up!

Kaname presented team Polar Diamonds with the Runners up award! WHAT.

I was both relieved and surprised that: A) I hadn’t made my friend of 10 years hate me, and B) they had seen my costume right?

Also, Kaname was really sweet and his hands were warm. (DON’T JUDGE ME. He’s a legit cosplay senpai! Even Melting Mirror was fangirling a little.)

Then with a drumroll, the winners were announced!

Detailed Illusion and Messy Mia are adorbs!

A HUUUUUGE congratulations to our friends Detailed-Illusion and Messy Mia for their win. Both Melting Mirror and I were so proud and happy that all their hard work paid off.


Hugs all around! (Mia’s there, just eaten between Detailed Illusion and I) There was a collective D’aww from the crowd which was sweet. We know they’ll be great cosplay ambassadors on Canada’s behalf, and show the world just how kickass we Canadians are!

Awards also went to Vickybunnyangel’s Drakenguard group, Kudrel and Captain Meow (best. Name. Ever.) and Shushuwafflez’s Ester brought home the Best in Show overall!

So while Otakuthon started off as the most stressful con I’ve ever experienced, and many of my friends weren’t able to finish costumes or forgot things at home, it ended on a really positive note. Already I’m missing seeing everyone.

Hopefully Dragon*con can take my mind off that ;).

Best wishes, and always remember to make a packing list,

xox Calamity