Dragon*con: I did it wrong but that’s okay.

We’ve all heard about it: Dragon*con! The biggest baddest con to go to. It’s the con to end all cons, a five-day-long party etc etc. I was really looking forward to it as a way to unwind after Otakuthon and WCS’s stress. 


Atlanta, land of the giant vertigo-causing lobbies.

Thing is…


I didn’t really like it.


The Aquarium was awwwwesome though.

Dragon*con wasn’t bad, I think I just approached it in the wrong way. I’ll get more into that in a bit. For those who haven’t yet gone, here’s what you need to know about Dragon*con:


  • Everything will be extremely crowded, everywhere. 
  • Lines are something to embrace, so are stairs. Patience is key.
  • Finding healthy food is difficult
  • The parties don’t really start until midnight.
  • Organize shoots in advance if you want to do them.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Bring comfortable ‘walking around’ costumes for the day and whatever your fancy things are at night.


Got it? Cool. Now here’s how I approached things wrong:


I only brought one (old) costume

The night before we flew out, I was packing Weiss and Beetlejuice to bring and realised that I couldn’t’ find key parts of the costumes. (Protip, don’t pack last minute) As a result, I packed a modified version of Wendy instead, Figuring I could wear that around the con for a while.

While Wendy is super comfortable, she’s not a) recognizable or b) super skin bearing (more on that in a bit) and c) the jacket got real warm outside.

 wpid-img_20140831_214547.jpgSorry for the potato quality.

The really awesome costumes showed up on Sunday in the Marriott lobby, so that’s definitely worth checking out.


I’m not interested in Skin-Con

There’s a lot of exhibitionism going on at D*con, with an underwear party (which was alright), and a proliferation of pasties after dark. If that’s your thing, totally cool, but I’m not really interested in it. 

I’m sure I could write a whole post about it, but I’ve got this kind of weird body-boredom. We all have bodies, some are nicer than others, but I’m more interested in the person inside the body than the bits of meat and fat we’re made of, you know? And putting on a Mario pair of shorts with star pasties isn’t as interesting to me as finding someone who made a really awesome costume and picking their brain about how they did it.

But, like I said, if skin’s your thing, D*con will be up your alley.


I was still burnt out from Otakuthon

Hell, I still am, but now with a helpful serving of Con plague. WCS was emotionally exhausting. I won’t rehash it, but you can read the full account here.

Between that and the fact I’m not high energy, I ended up napping through fun things, or not being able to stay up late like some of the friends I was there with. Sorry dudes, staying up until 6 am is just not physically feasible for me.


Did I mention the aquarium was cool?

I’m not a big partier and didn’t make alternate plans

Singles at the parties are there to hook up. It was.. honestly it felt a lot like the first year of university where everyone’s meeting new people all the time and trying to make good impressions about how attractive, how hard partying and how funny we all are.

It was weird, since my first year of university was 10 years ago, to get back into an environment like that. It could be fun, but I guess I grew out of the hard-partying lifestyle years ago. 

But, instead of trying to link up with the writers who were there somewhere, I either called it an early(ish) night or tried to stay up (usually failing) late enough to do the party thing. It’s okay to like parties full of drunk people and it’s okay to not like them. I realise I should have found my own thing to do that I would have enjoyed more, and then met up with friends later.

 Don’t get me wrong, I like drinking and laughing with friends, but my hearing is pretty crappy so when I’m in a really loud place I can’t hear anything, and wind up standing there, trying to figure out what people are saying.


I did have fun

Really, I did. The thing is, for a pricetag that high, I’ll be skipping next year and put the money towards another trip, either a vacation one for fun, or visiting a friend out on the west coast. Because that trip is long, long overdue.


xox Calamity

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