Shitty Facts of Life & How to Deal


Hey folks, I think I just went the longest without a blog post since… a year. Or so. TEN DAYS WOW.

It’s not for lack of interest but more that I had a post I wanted to write about the shit-storm that’s been going on all over the Twitters and internets about gaming. Then I thought about it,  and remembered what I had to go through in my final year of school. Then I thought about the consequences of saying ANYTHING on that topic, and whether I wanted to draw aggro on the trolls and zealots. (They’re on both sides)

And I decided that it I’m glad I never did break into the industry, if this is what I’d have had to go through. I’m not going to write much more on the topic since the whole thing is a mess, and I’ve lost respect/interest for individuals on both sides, and those in the middle.


Faith in humanity hit critical levels. Enter hibernation cycle.

But it’s taken me ten days to come to this conclusion because I’ve written a post, scrapped it. Written a post, scrapped it. There are people out there who have said what I want to better than I ever could.

What’s happening on the twitters is awful, but there’s lessons we can learn from it to apply to pretty much any part of life. Cons, Cosplay drama, photog dramas.

Generic Real Life Facts That Suck

And ways to mitigate the suckiness

Mobs are always assholes but individuals can be wonderful.

  • Try to know when you’re acting in a mob and think about how that meshes with how YOU feel about yourself.
  • Know when to disengage.


Bad Picard! No! Bad Captain. Bad!

Very, very, few people are completely good or completely bad.

  • Seeing someone in absolutes is a fast way to end up hurt or hurtful.
  • Assuming someone is always awful can make you paranoid about the good things they do, and hard to forgive them.
  • Assuming someone as always good puts them on a pedestal, and those things are easy to fall off.

People make mistakes. People lie. People misrepresent.

  • They do it for many reasons and sometimes can’t even see that they are doing it.
  • If you point out a mistake/fallacy aggressively many people will double down on their stance.
  • Ask questions instead that AREN’T loaded, like “Will you tell me why you think/feel/are upset by…” and “How do you think we should move forward?”


There are some people that only want to hurt others so they can ‘Watch the world burn’.

  • Do not engage
  • Protect yourself
  • keep a paper trail
  • repeat: DO NOT ENGAGE.


Angry people will hear what they want to hear.

  • They’ll twist your words whether they’re aware that they are or not. It’s difficult to always think hard on how things can be interpreted, but in a disagreement, it’s worth stopping and thinking clearly before you say anything.
  • Consider the ways that they might take what you’re saying, and judge how risky it is.
  • Sometimes, they’ll be the  world-burners, and then it’s time to say nothing other than ‘This conversation is over.’

Then go pet kittens. Eat chocolate. Have a beer. Make Good Art.

Enjoy life because it’s yours and there’s no sense polluting it with more toxicity than mandatory.

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