Fall Forward 2014

Sailor Pluto by NoFlutter

Happy Monday! I hope you’re all in the middle of caffeinating like I am. *inserts tea IV*

With the start of a new season, and the end of ‘con season’ I figured I’d post what I’ll be working on in the coming months along with my schedule.

Upcoming Conventions


Can-Con logo

The writer con! yay! Although I haven’t produced a whole lot of new fiction lately, I’m still plugging away on my projects. Writer cons are a nice break from cosplay ones because I don’t have to panic about getting the costume done on time, or forgetting a piece of it at home.. -_-

If you’re interested in speculative Lit and in the National Capital area, I def recommend you check it out. There’s a pretty rad discount for students too.


new york comic conI know I said I wouldn’t go again this year, but the fabric. It calls to me! I whispers my name in soft silken tones. (hah. yeah pun totally intended.) So the weekend after Can-Con I’ll be travelling down to the insomniac city with my list of next year’s cosplays in hand.

Ottawa PopExpo

Ottawa Pop ExpoMelting Mirror and I have a table and will be selling again at this year’s PopExpo! So far no word if Heroes of Cosplay is returning, though I doubt that they will since I haven’t heard if they’ve been renewed.

I’m also planning to compete at this con with Kurumasha, so definitely come check out the Masquerade for funtimes.

Fall 2014/Winter 2015 Costumes

Bombshell Black Canary

Black CanaryStatus: Currently patterning, muslin of sewing

Materials: Acquired

Deadline: NYCC for skirt and Shirt. PopEx for full costume.

Historic Elsa

Regency Elsa by ShoomlahStatus: Not Started

Materials: 90% Acquired

Deadline: GAnime 2015 =) let it go!snow


Aion Beritra ChainStatus: Not Started

Materials: 20% Acquired

Deadline: Katsu 2015 =D as part of a largeish group

No Flutter’s Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto by NoFlutter

Status: Not Started

Materials: 5% Acquired

Deadline: Katsu 2015 =D as part of a largeish group

What are your fall and winter plans? Drop me a line in the comments below VVV

xox Calamity

One thought on “Fall Forward 2014

  1. I’m working on about a billion different things right now OTL
    but it’s kind of nice! I don’t have any big events until January so I can take my time on things.

    also… good chance I’ll be returning to Katsu, so maybe I’ll see you there??