My Can-Con Schedule

Natural 20

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7pm – So This Is Your First Con

Cons are awesome! They’re also weird and wonderful. Experienced congoers give you some tips on cons. And make some friends to wander around the con with.

Kate Heartfield (m)
Peter Atwood,  Nicole Lavigne, Alice Black

9pm – RPGs: The Game’s the Thing – Writing for RPGs

Natural 20I found this on tumblr. It’s wonderful.

Ever wanted to write a module and have it published? Come hear about the experiences of our panelists who have done just that!

Geoff Gander (m)
Timothy Carter, Alice Black


6pm – Multimedia Fandom –

Joy Odjick, graphic novelist and TV producer, Gina Frietag of Cellar Door Film Festival, costumer and interactive gamer Alice Black and S.M. Carriere of Silver Stag Entertainment discuss expressions of fandom in other media.

Rebecca Simkin (m)
S.M. Carriere, Jay Odjick, Gina Frietag, Alice Black


2pm – WorldCon and DragonCon: Attendees talk about the big cons


**Spoiler alert**

Liz Westbrook-Trenholm (m)
Andrew Barton, Alice Black, Aurelia Osbourne

There’s also a LOT of panels I want to attend. Like Costume-Con, Can-Con is more about developing yourself as a writer/costumer than it is about buying things and running around in costume. Which I might do anyways, for lolz.

Calamity’s wishlist:

  • Big Workshops panel, what are they like? (ie Clarion, Superstars, etc)
  • Book Pitches
  • Character workshop
  • Getting noticed in the slush pile
  • Kaffeklatches (basically ‘have coffee with the guests of honour and chat about shit’)
  • Destroy your story gremlins Workshop

There’s also room parties <3

If you’re in the city, I hope to see you there! If not, then I’m making a grumpy face at you.

xox Calamity