Gettin’ Wiggy with it


Na-na-nanana-nana. *dances*

Sorry-not-sorry. This is going to be a super-quick review because I’m trying to sort out everything I’ll need for NYCC and finalize my shopping list so I don’t decide to import half of Mood Fabrics while I’m in NYCC.  Might try to import Swatch though.

Swatch the Dog at Mood

Look at his widdle glasses and pin cushion!

Super Quick Review Time!

Lace Front Wigs (And Alternatives)

So, I recently entered the world of lace-front wigs and holy damn they’re pretty cool. Like, they look almost like real hair kinda cool.



The matilda, the same wig I ordered. $65 +sh

Arda, sweet Arda with your lovely blends and thick wig wefts and wigs that stretch enough to fit my head… why is your lace so awful? It doesn’t stretch, and it’s shiny and plasticy. I mean, if I trim it and add tiny darts, it’ll probably be better, I’m just a little disappoint in you is all, considering how awesome the rest of your wigs are.

Wig is Fashion

WigisFashion, 10” Short Wavy wig, $49 + sh

I also ordered a lace front from WigisFashion and while the fibres are a touch shiny and the wefts a little thinner… but the lace. DAT LACE GUYS. OMG. So soft and stretchy and the wefts in it are so neatly tied. I think I’m in lace-front lurve.

Atlast 14'' Lace Front Alternative Epic Cosplay

Atlas 14” Lace Front Alternative from Epic Cosplay, $33.99 + sh

Epic doesn’t have any lace fronts as far as I’m aware, but it does carry what the site calls ‘Lace front alternative’ styles with the wefts sewn in backwards for spiking or slicking back. The price is better, and I can say that Epic does have thicker wefts than WigisFashion, but not by a whole lot. It really depends what you’re hoping to use it for.

For me though, from now I’ll probably source all the non lace fronts that I need from Epic or Arda. All the lace fronts from WigisFashion if possible.

Now I want allllll the wigs. ;-;

xox Calamity